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There you are! I haven't been able to reach you, almost any way I tried. I thought you jumped ship. Oh, you know you want a cruise! Tell me true! :)

The bigger ships have more ammenities, so you get the wow and the luxury of delicious dinners, spa and well, you know... Thai life. :)

I am doing well and keeping as safe as one can. The bad management is basically on the people, but, we can blame him. Hehe. Everyone else is. We came by the virus later than most of the world with a larger population to contain and too many overpopulated areas. I think it is a mix of that and people taking their freedom too seriously.

I live in the DC area and Northern Virginia and it is doing better than a lot of the country for such a populated area. I am in an isolated community, so I am lucky. I hope all is well with you and hello? What the heck is going on with your account?

Miss you and your awesome comments and posts!

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