Eden Byron Bay Garden Centre.

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Yesterday been a beautiful sunny day in Byron Bay my wife and myself decided to take a leisurely drive down to our local nursery called the Eden at Byron Bay Garden, no idea what we were going to buy but firstly we were going to have a cup of coffee in there lovely garden, they do make a nice cup of coffee there after our morning shot of caffeine we started browsing around the nursery gardens, at this time of the year they have a great variety of Orchids starting to bloom and some already bloomed we both love Orchids, so let's go for a walk and see what we can find.






Amazing right and we are only getting started. Orchids to me have got to be one of the most beautiful and elegant flowers just splendid all over.






This is one of the most boutique nursery in Byron Bay filled with exotic plants, they also have many unique hand crafted decor for your garden you can spend hours here wondering around, it has green house gardens and outdoor gardens.







There are so many variety of flowers all beautiful shapes, sizes and colors that it would be a impossibility for me to name them all so just enjoy the walk through the nursery gardens with me.







Apart from there wide range of plants, Eden Garden Centre offers classes in teaching you how to maintain your garden and plants at a reasonable price.







These guys even have a team of experienced gardeners if your starting a new garden they will help you select and advice what will be best for your particular choice of garden. They will come out and and set it all up for you doing the landscaping from scratch or they will do make overs and then even maintain it for you weekly if you prefer all at reasonable prices.







And the day went so fast but it turned out a great day in the Garden of Eden, there was a lot to be seen and talked about the staff was very helpful and friendly and we did end up buying a few more plants for our exiting garden I think our place is starting to look like the Eden Garden but I am not complaining there is nothing more wonderful then waking up to a rosie garden smelling all them perfumed odors from the garden while having breakfast on the porch.








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I love that you took the time to celebrate the beauty that flowers graciously bring to our lives, and share them on these pages. The lovely pairing of words and flowers creates a space in so many people’s hearts.

I want to thank you for tagging #alwaysaflower

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My pleasure @dswigle what would we do without flowers 😊

Gorgeous flowers you show. I like to note that beyond the multitude of orchids, the vast majority of flowers can be found in stores in Romania.

Thank you @bluemoon what would we do without flowers every country is blessed with beautiful flowers 😊


Nice flowers collection of Eden at Byron Bay Garden.

Thank you @kamrunnahar for your kind words 😊

Lovely orchids. Yes, they are one of the most beautiful flower one can find. Truly, this is a garden of Eden my friend. Your photos did it justice.

Thank you @gems.and.cookies for your inspiring words 👍

Oh, they are really pretty! I love orchids so much.

They really are @sreypov they are my favorite flower also 😊

These beautiful flowers certainly make a Garden Of Eden. Thanks for sharing your tour of the nursery.

My pleasure @redheadpei Thank you for your kind words 😊

What a lovely leisurely walk you and your wife had @kohsamui99🌻

Thank you @angiemitchell and looking forward to going back we need a few more plants for our garden they were very helpful people 😊

WOW, flowers galore!
Incredible nursery, @kohsamui99!
How are you doing?

It was a amazing nursery to walk around there was so much on offer one of the best I have seen.

Am doing good @silversaver888 been busy with lots, hope all is well with you 😊

I am sorry that I mistakenly pulled this up as an #alwaysaflower post and missed the pairing up with #MarketFriday. You will find a little extra in your wallet as a make-up gift. :))

Sorry. Still, the post was amazing and the flowers? Sublime!

I am so happy to see you posting in the #MarketFriday tag. It has been a constant challenge I am sure to come up with new material with so many businesses closed down and the fact that many people do not want to go into some of the crowded stores and Markets. In these times when COVID has made it challenging to put together a post, or even search out different locations, I can say with an optimistic attitude that #MarketFriday has survived the pandemic, thanks to all of you. Without your dedication to stretch what we call a market has been done successfully. Thank you! All of you! In doing so, we have discovered that we have added new dimension to the tag. As many have been staying closer to home, I have also discovered more and more about each of you and that has been pretty nice. I have to admit, with the platform broken into different communities and tags, we get to see the same people, more or less that join every week, so we get to know each other a little bit. The challenge points out our differences, but, then, it also shows many things our cultures share. When the day is done, it shows off how human we all are and how we basically all care about our families and others. We embrace each other as humans.

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Thank you so much @dswigle my fault made it confusing for you I think.

So kind of you that was not necessary but thank you for your support have a great weekend 🌞

Nooo! You are good! I just missed it and it is my pleasure!!


Thank you @dawigle you are so sweet 😊