Market on town Square: Clarence

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Market on town Square: Clarence


We were in the tiny town of Clarence, with the Beetle Maniacs club, with our old classic VW's. While we were there, they also had a market on the town square, how many towns actually still have a town square that is used for markets and events.


As you can see, it was a very nice and clear winters day, with quite a few stalls doing business.


You will always find my wife at the second hand book stall and today was no different.


There also were a few old beetles on display, I particularly loved this beautiful convertible VW Beetle.


The market was very well attended and everybody had a good time in the fresh mountain air, shopping and socialising at this market.

This is my contribution to #marketfriday as hosted by @dswigle, I hope you enjoyed it.

I hope you enjoyed the post and that you have a wonderful day.


Amazing environment

Thanks, yes, I do love this place.

I see people are wearing long sleeves, is this up in the mountains somewhere? I'm glad you guys don't seem to be sweltering in the oppressive heat we're dealing with here in the US, where some parts were at over 100 degrees!

Yes, it is in the mountains, but it is also Winter here in South Africa at the moment, thus it is on the cols side, but not as cold as it can become in the US. We hardly have any snow, but it can snow in the mountains, during winter, but it did not at this stage.

Nice Beetle VWs.

The convertible beetle looks dope! Looks to be in imaculate condition, from the outside anyway. Looks like a fun day out. Thanks a bunch for sharing.

Yes, that beetle was in a very good condition, in side and out side.

Car is very beautiful

Thank you

Very beautiful market here.It is set up like a tent.Looks like a copy of the old model The old model car looks great.

Thank you for the nice comment.

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Thank you very much!