June 2017 Retrospective - @jerrybanfield predicts Steem to $10 in 10 months

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This video by @jerrybanfield captures the excitement and potential of June 2017.

Jerry promotes the hell out of Steem in a video that has has 1.5 MILLION views and 1300 comments!!!. On Facebook alone. And more on YouTube.

He predicts that Steem (then $1) would be $10 in 10 months.

Well he got it pretty right!

6 months on Steem topped $8 and was $6.09 the day before Facebook banned all crypto ads and ushered in Crypto Winter, with every major tech company following their ban.

Steem Ad Ban Impact Chart.jpg

@jpbliberty is working hard on putting together the evidence to make Facebook and Google pay for their anti-competitive conduct - BIG TIME!

Did you know that the drop in BTC after the Crypto Ad Ban was the largest percentage drop in BTC's ENTIRE HISTORY!!! (on a 30 & 14 day average basis).

BTC AUD 30 day moving avg.png

Thanks to @brianoflondon for the amazing chart. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks if its a Python.

I want to publicly thank @jerrybanfield for his fantastic work in promoting Steem.
Did you know that Steem put on 20,000 new users in the day (29 Jan 2018) before the Facebook Ad Ban?!

Hive needs great marketers like him as well as the great devs that have created HF24. Together Hive can be $10 in 10 months (if I can get the Crypto Ad Ban lifted).

I also want to thank Jerry for creating such a comprehensive record of the super successful paid ad campaign on Facebook, Google and YouTube that was stopped by the Crypto Ad Ban. This is powerful evidence that Facebook & Google's illegal behaviour caused a massive crash in Steem user acquisition, retention and engagement metrics as well as crypto prices.

One day Facebook and Google will be the distant memory of a decentralised internet.


I remember those glorious days...Hope one day we can have the very same power we had in the past

I can't help but think he had some insight on the whole inflated USDT scheme that was going on.

I remember those times. It was all pretty exciting. Let's see where Hive takes us :)

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