How I turned $80 into over $6 million in free publicity thanks to a good story

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How I turned $80 into over $6 million in free publicity thanks to a good story.png

This is a true story.

A story about how an historic, family-owned doll manufacturer from a tiny village in the mountains of eastern Spain created a huge splash across the U.S., got me featured on Good Morning America and turned $80 into over $6 million in earned publicity.

And it wasn't a fluke.

I know this because we repeated the same process a couple of years later and it did even better!

It is also a very true example of the amazing power of a compelling story.

So, what gives?

Well, it all started with a phone call.

Joaquin, a buddy of mine, called up and said, "hey Dennis, I've got a client I'd like for you to talk to. They've got a really cool product, but are struggling to know how to take it to market."

And boy was he right!

The client was a small, family-owned doll manufacturer with decades of experience making baby dolls. Unlike much of their competition, they continue to make their dolls in Spain instead of outsourcing to factories in China. Their main competitive advantages were the quality of their products and their ability to turn around orders faster than their competitors.

One day Cesar, their CEO, received a visit from the president of a well-established nonprofit organization, who asked him a simple question, "why do you always include plastic baby bottles with your dolls?"

"Because little girls love to play like their feeding their babies," he responded.

"But you do know that by far the healthiest way to feed a baby is by breastfeeding, no? Why are you teaching future mommies that the normal way of feeding a baby is with a bottle, when it isn't?"

Cesar didn't know what to respond.

"Our organization promotes breastfeeding and we'd love for you to work with us to create a new baby doll that actually promotes the healthy way to feed a baby."

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