Hive's October campaign results and November's campaign!

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Another Hive Zealy Campaign has come to an end!

From a big presence on X Spaces to Hive's Rally car going viral, from a huge participation in Beer Saturday, Posh, and BBH to a massive participation in the Hive Community Town Hall, this marketing campaign has been a massive success!

And it's only thanks to all of the Hivers who joined the ranks


For that, we want to thank you, Hivers.

Prize distribution

This is how the prize pool distribution is going to happen:

Top 3:250 HBD each
Place 4-10:175 HBD each
Place 11-20:115 HBD each
Place 21-30:50 HBD each
Place 31-50:30 HBD each
Place 51-80:15 HBD each
Place 81-100:10 HBD each

And the Leaderboard of the November Hive Zealy campaign looks like this:


We will transfer the prizes today, including the three 50 HBD mini prizes among the top 100 of the leaderboard.

You guys rock, see you for the next campaign!

Rally Car Sprint

The Rally sprint on more than 20 engagements in social media to spread the word about Hive's Rally Car.

It was a tremendous success with more than 80 fully committed Hivers and more than 100 active participants!

As mentioned in the campaign, only those who complete al the quests would split an even share of the prize pool.

Here's the leaderboard:



  • 78 Hivers finished all quests, the will share a prize pool of 1400 HBD = 17.94 HBD each
  • 14 Hivers completed 95% of the quests, in order to value their participation they will share a prize pool of 100 HBD = 7.1 HBD each
Thank you everyone for helping us spread the Rally Car initiative across web2!

We will also distribute the !BBH tokens from one of the quests tonight, so congrats on claiming those for yourself!

We are also giving 5 Leo Premium memberships starting on November 15th. We will choose these Lions randomly and you will get premium then... so be in the lookout!


Get ready for the next campaign, it will begin on Friday, November 24!


I am very grateful for the prize and for the huge participation in this campaign. We are really making our presence felt out there. I hope that many more users will join this initiative as it is the best thing we can do for Hive.

Congratulations to all the award winners 🏆.

Congratulations 👏👏👏👏🥳 on that great achievement, it was amazing to experience.

Good work 👏

Congratulation 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Huge achievement 💪🏻🇨🇺

It was an amazing challenge. Congratulations to everyone. We tried. Good luck to the next challenge coming soon. Thanks to the team. Thank you for the prizes.

Princesssss😭😭😭. I finish #46

We go harder this month

We all tried. Let's hope for the best in the next campaign. E never finish

we don hear, come and pay your tithe from the camp

Amiga, congratulations to you and to all, I am pleased to greet you here. It was a real pleasure to participate with you.

Congratulations to everyone that has taken part.


It was indeed a great time with hive

yayy! Congrats to everyone and myself for staying true till the end, looking forward to the next campaign, it's gonna be awesome. Thank you very much INLEO team, You guys rock!

I really enjoyed this Rally campaign it was my first ever and was a new challenge for me. Looking forward to promoting hive more.

Yeah, congratulations to everyone who participated and remained focused until the end.

Thanks to the inleo team as well., you guys rock!!

It was intense and it was incredible! Congratulations to all participants who donated their time to move the community in the way it was done!

Thank you inleo for this opportunity, you were incredible too!

These were both amazing challenges. A lot of lessons were learnt in the process. Congratulations to everyone who participated ✨.

Ps: I noticed a minor mistake @leogrowth. The name is wongi not womgi like on your list :)

Talk fast fast o before e entree voicemail

Yes fren I noticed when sending out the prizes, don't worry :D

Thank you 😊

Woohoo @wongi well done, I am super proud of you and you did not even tell me the results were out or that you had finished in the top 3!!!


Well ... that's a deep subject!!!!

Wow 😮 it was a good time, I really miss the zealy campaign quest because it made me realize how important it is to always say good morning to my friends.
Congratulations to everyone.

Hi honey I agree with you, they were moments to share, leave a thought of wisdom, of daily life and allowed us to get to know each other a little more. It was a pleasure🤗

I couldn't meet up, congratulations to the winners.

Congrats! This is amazing!

Congratulations to everyone. Reward received with joy and happiness.

Make all of una wey carry plenty HBD do giveaway o.

Very good campaign, full of emotion and adrenaline!! Jaja Congratulations to all participants!

Thank you so much for the prizes ☺️☺️☺️ congratulations to everyone that participated ☺️

Ps: I noticed a minor mistake @leogrowth. The name is hopeiyaye(@beeeee) not hopeiyayae on no. 99 like on your list.
Thank you ☺️

It was an interesting adventure. Let's market Hive again in November/December.

This is really beautiful to see and I am glad I didn't miss the announcement. Though some really went down, hmmm. It's fine.

I congratulate everyone because it wasn't an easy task. The tasks weren't easy , and I even got sick in the process. Anyway, I am alive and ready to move again.

Thanks to the inleo team too. A big congratulations to you all too.

Congratulations to all the winners and this was a great program


I'm yet to receive anything.
Hope there wasn't a mistake???
@kingsleyy as username

It was an exciting moment. Thank you for the reward!

Congrats to everyone.

It was fun joining car rally Compaign, will be available for November Compaign.. excited to join it.

Ohhh yeahh we did it!!!!!

It wasn’t easy but we finished strong🥰

congrats to myself and everyone else on the list. We go harder in the next campaign. 💪🏿

Well done to everyone who participated and managed to get up at all these ungodly hours to participate, you guys are monsters!

That's great congratulations to the winners

Thank you for such incredible incentives and for taking us Hispanics into consideration by making us part of this. Really 10/10 for that. Let's keep growing together

Oh my goodness 😲😲😲??? This is really good!! Will definitely join November campaign. Congratulations to all the winners

This is awesome, congratulations to everyone and hoping for that next campaign.

It was an extraordinary campaign, thank you very much to all the team involved, looking forward to the next one.


@joseal2020, sorry! You need more $BBH to use this command.

The minimum requirement is 1000.0 BBH balance.

More $BBH is available from Hive-Engine or Tribaldex


$PIZZA slices delivered:
@joseal2020(1/15) tipped @leogrowth

Congratulations to everyone so participated and thanks to the Inleo team for the rewards.

We all look forward to the next campaign.