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Hello, marlians community!
how are you? I'm great!
so I just got my first payouts, 100~ at this account and around 80 at @lonelywolf.marl which is the curate account.
after a few days that I wasn't at steem scots, I came back and saw this post:

so I decided to get a 1-month certification, if you want it too, send 5 STEEM to marlians account with the MEMO 1 moth certification

just like that -

and follow all of the steps at the POST

love that community, thank you @surpassinggoogle.

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Your Marlians is a scam.The in of money is all going to the owner.It started selling 200k tokens sold at 0.2 but now you lowered it and people cannot trade and keep buying more.Owner asking for registration of 5 Steems to become verified for thing that are free to be done in the Steemit platform.Token is of African in origin but targets Chinese and Koreans investers.People should beware this kind of project.beware of this scam Chinese and Korean.