Thank You #cn And 'Everyone' Who Has Begun To Support The Marlians Project. 谢谢#cn和'大家'谁已经开始支持在其早期阶段的项目。

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Thank you #cn and 'everyone' who has begun to support the Marlians project in its early stages. 

'' will be an 'actual home'; not just a place for 'rewards' but a place for 'variety of rewards' and most importantly 'a home'. This is the aim! 

We want to create atmosphere whereupon 'we learn', whereupon 'we can be a family'; 'flaws allowed'.

In the face of flaws, we can exercise our human virtues, grow stronger and 'evolve in our human', resulting in 'a close-knit family that moves together'. For any issues, you can reach us here: ' (@surpassinggoogle#1660)'.

Marlians will emanate many noble dreams and we will move together, fixing generations.

We want to be able accommodate the world as a whole and to do so, things like 'money' has to be the 'smaller things'. Humans must hold sway. 'Value' must be return to 'humans'.

To this effect, we have to look to 'share the resources we have'. Thus, we encourage you to 'curate content'. Curation is more lucrative now even in terms of 'rewards', so look to share, by 'curating' as that is more lucrative even for you. Note that on most tribes curation rewards is as high as 50%

Also recall that we are on the steem blockchain and our actions on here, shows up on the entire blockchain and i tell you, 'where you curate each day, exhausting your 'voting power allocation' in 'distributing rewards', you will make more 'returns' than publishing 'tens of comments or posts' and 'self-voting'.

If you have a community, bring them on here and curate them too. 

Going back, "Marlians is a home". Each hashtag on '' will turn into a community. Certified uloggers will be able to oversee these communities but certified uloggers will need to be interested in the 'growth of the communities that they oversee' and we don't just refer to 'growth in numbers'; we are about 'real human growth'.

We will lead by example...

For now, we have created '@marlians.sports' and powered it with '1000 MARLIANS and 250000 SPORTS' to curate sportstalk-related content that we find on ''.

This means that when you post on Marlians or add in '#marlians' to your sportstalk-posts, these posts will show up on Marlians too and we will look to curate these posts, enabling you to earn MARLIANS and SPORTS on the same post.

We also curate other tribe-tags directly from ''. For instance, we have also starting curate splintertalk-related posts with some '100,000 SPT tokens power-up'. We also have some '100,000 AAA tokens' power-up too.

We will continue to improve our portfolio as needed and over time (accruing for #pal #steemleo etc) begin to focus the using of this voting-power focused primarily on 'certified uloggers'.

NOTE: I will be curating directly on sportstalk with my personal account '@surpassinggoogle' to reach as many sportstalkers as possible.

We are your ultimate 'true fan' and we seek to unite every steem community.

Note that we will also have 'drops' but this will come after we have analyzed 'the use of our platform' for the first 7-days. At this time, we will have a revised paper and details about our 'drops'

We will also take into account 'our early supporters' in our 'drops'

As for the token-emission rate of our 'reward pool', we are also analyzing the 'first 7-days of use' to determine its sufficiency 'long-term' and where needed, we will increase the emission-rate with 'long-term growth' in mind.

Kindly subscribe to UloggersTV on YouTube

Kindly vote on the 'steemgigs' witness

Get Marlians

Here are the steps:

  • Visit '' and login using the keychain extension or directly using your private posting key.
  • Click on the 'DEPOSIT' button to deposit STEEM. Note that you can also deposit BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS etc with steem-engine.
  • Go on to buy some MARLIANS.

Your Boy Terry


Chinese Translation (Using Yandex)


""将是一个"实际的家";不只是一个地方的"奖励",而是一个地方的"各种奖励",最重要的是"家"。 这是目标! 


面对缺陷,我们可以锻炼我们的人类美德,变得更强大,"在我们的人类中进化",导致"一个紧密团结在一起的家庭"。 对于任何问题,你可以在这里找到我们:"'。


我们希望能够容纳世界作为一个整体,这样做,像"钱"的事情必须是"小东西"。 人类必须保持摇摆。 '价值'必须返回'人类'。

为此,我们必须寻找"分享我们拥有的资源"。 因此,我们鼓励您"策划内容"。 现在,即使在"奖励"方面,策展也更加有利可图,所以通过"策展"来分享,因为这对你来说更有利可图。 需要注意的是,在大多数部落的策展奖励高达50%

还记得,我们在steem blockchain和我们在这里的行动,显示了整个blockchain,我告诉你,'在那里你每天策划,用尽你的'投票权分配'在'分发奖励',你会做出更多的'回报'比发布'几十


回去,"马利亚人是一个家"。 每个主题标签上''将变成一个社区。 认证uloggers将能够监督这些社区,但认证uloggers将需要对"他们监督的社区的增长"感兴趣,我们不只是指"数字增长";我们是关于"真正的人类成长"。




我们也策勒其他部落-标签直接从'' 例如,我们也开始策划与splintertalk相关的帖子与一些"100,000SPT令牌上电"。 我们也有一些"100,000AAA令牌"的电源。




请注意,我们也将有"滴",但这会在我们分析了"使用我们的平台"的第一个7天之后。 在这个时候,我们将有一个关于我们的"滴"的修订文件和细节。 







Your Boy Terry


Kindly Vote On The 'steemgigs' Witness. 

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit '' and upvote "steemgigs" or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

Great development indeed. Earlier today I purchased and staked 75 #Marlians

Thank you. Beyond all this, this is a home. Of this you can be sure. A close-knit family moving together, where we care about each ones growth.



@honoru 米高 在晴空万里 开着轮船 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


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You lose! 你输了!乖乖的给我点赞吧!



@aaronli 阿柔 迎着暴雨 推着推车 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~



目前你总共有: 1枚SHOP币

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无聊吗?跟我猜拳吧! **石头,剪刀,布~**

WE Support!
Thanks for you message to cn community.

WE Support!
Thanks for you message to cn community.

Marlians is an awesome platform. It's our pleasure to be part of it. We always pray for your success. And your success will be ours too.

WE Support!
Thanks for you message to cn community.

You are welcome. Big thanks

Thank you!
I can read both English and Chinese, Chinese translation is very interesting.
Marlians is translated to 马利亚人 based on the sound of the word. It means the people of Marlia (similar to Maya-Mayan, Australia- Australian ). I wonder what do you think about how it's turned out to be.


Hahaha CN is an interesting language. Tells alot about the discipline of its people. How it looks so far. I can't say much just yet but i know what is coming and it is beautiful. There is a likelihood that the pool emission may be increased as we look at how to host masses but we have to be balanced too. There will a more efficient analysis after 7 days. I am sure it will be fun though cos 'flaws are allowed on the platforms and we care about each one and real growth. So we will make the most of each tag with overseers and empowered with extra influence so we can all be owners and autonomously grow it as 'true fans'. #ulog has seen up to 5500 steemians even with limited power or curation cos these ones have come to love ulogging, so we can move whether bulls or bears as long as we are family

Thanks for making CN community feel home here~ We will continue stake more MARLIANS to support your project. Thank you.

Special. Thank you

Thank you for showing us this project that I see very promising. I will think and invest in marlians thanks to you.

You've been and amazing thought provoking guy since I've known you and this marlians society is a great landmark on Steemit.

It makes me happy to see this ship going mate. Any help you need feel free to ask. I'll be dedicating my weekend to arrange things with ulog and steemgigs. Regards bro, keep up the awesome work.

Yes bro, if you are on discord i can reach you or you can reach me or if translation is easy, you can already translate. There are many from columbia and venezuala on steem who speak spanish and many of them ulog too.

Sweet! Fomo got to me and I just got an extra 50 marlians and staked them! Looking forward to the surprises this project will bring us.

Hahaha at the very least you know you have a home on here. That is rare on the entire internet. We will move together. Will simplify the certification process too, so more can get certified.


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Thank you alot

This is such an amazing integration sir Terry!

I can't wait to cross join between platforms and thank you for introducing Marlians to us. I'm exploring the platform now.

Will it be the same function with Sportstalk? And is there a Sports-Marlians pairing?

Not exactly. These are both steem-based tokens so each is paired against steem. It is just that, when we vote on sports-related posts on the receipient of the vote gets same percentage of vote on the sportsplatform. So we got an account with powered up SPORTS

Just discovered this projekt. I think I will give it a chance :)

hola amigo @surpassinggoogle ya decidi dar el paso y anotarme en este proyecto esperemos que vengan cosas buenas e interesantes.

estare muy al pendiente luego del analisis de los 7 dias amigo.

marlians will be a success

I'm trying to follow all the possible updates, I have to say that you are working very well, maybe too fast ... great guys

!shop 💙

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Thank you for Chinese Translation.

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hi, @ surpassinggoogle - Hopefully we will achieve that home we need, and where any expression of creativity is valued, not only by conventional standards.

Thanks Terry for going through Marlians in great detail. I had wanted to know much more about it.

it is very cool platform thanks for everyone who support #marlians including to the founder of this platform @surpassinggoole.../.

Appreciate for the effort to make steem a better place among different platforms!
Support your actions. Cheers!

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@surpassinggoogle, When different communities come forward with colloborative essence then this shows that this Ecosystem definitely holds the true meaning. Stay blessed brother and blessings of light is with you.

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Thank you too for what you do for steem

Thank you too for what you do for steem