The Ancient Definition Of Marriage

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The Ancient Definition of Marriage

Excerpt Chapter from “The Ancient Definition of Marriage”

We, ladies and gentlemen, must protect the ancient definition of marriage. Marriage is the immaculate sexual union of a man and woman through the will of the Divine Mother Kundalini. The marriage is holy and sacred, for the seed must be retained through chastity during this sacred act. By keeping the Perfect Matrimony holy and sacred, the honeymoon is preserved for a lifetime and truly never dies.

Through the Perfect Matrimony, the union of man and woman are interconnected and integrated not physically, yet also through vital, astral, mental, causal, buddhic, and atmic bodies. Through the seven bodies united in marriage, man and woman think alike, do alike, walk alike, or anything alike since they are sexually married through the holy act.

The marriage must be honest and open. May no man hide his own secrets in front of his wife; so likewise, may no wife hide her own secrets in front of her husband. In other words, no one shall hide anything from the eyes of Yah-Hovah Elohim. You must be truthful and honest with your spouse. Dishonesty and lying will destroy the house of a man and a woman.

The marriage must be one man and one woman, no more and no less. To awaken the Kundalini, man and woman must practice scientific chastity and the immaculate sexual connection without spilling the divine energy through the orgasm. Having more than one spouse is adultery, and you will not enter into the Kingdom of Yah-Hovah Elohim. Having no spouse is single, and you will not also enter into the Kingdom of Yah-Hovah Elohim. Having none or more than one spouse will not enable you to awaken the Kundalini nor to be born again of water and the spirit. Beware of those who morally hate the cross; these are vampires. The vampires are homosexuals. In the name of truth, the Cross is the holy marriage of man and wife.

The fruit of the Perfect Matrimony is true love. True love is never lust nor desire. True love itself is unconditional love. It is True Love, which surpasses all forms of false love. In the name of truth, True Love is far more powerful than false love.

All sacred marriages are serious and committing. None of the holy marriages are to be taken very lightly. It is never about marrying someone whom you have met yesterday. It requires patience after first meeting your spouse. You must know her first to see if she is a good fit for marriage by the will of the Elohim. You must know what she likes and loves to do. If indeed you would like to marry her, this is a consideration to be thought twice about. Once you and your spouse are married through the sacred commitment, there is no turning back.

Your partner is more or less imperfect. Everyone is imperfect. Your spouse, whom you are going to marry, will take on any form that pleases her. Your spouse could be from either the same or different culture, social status, religion, etc. You must not marry anyone out of the black lodge, for marriage must not be unequally yoked as written in 2 Corinthians 6:14.

Through helping your spouse to retain her chastity and virginity, allow your spouse what she is meant to be. Like you, she must realize herself with you. However, you must help her deviate from fatal perversions which could lead to her potential downfall. You must be the first in line to sacrifice yourself for your wife. So likewise, you too must be on guard from fatal perversions which could also lead to your unforgiving downfall. Learn not to identify yourself from all forms of perversions and you will be a liberated one.

As long as the relationship remains truthful and honest, your spouse will trust you without you expecting anything in return. As long as you help her liberate from the pains and sufferings of the world, she will trust you. As long as you train her and elevate her into chastity and virginity, she will trust you.

It is the self-realization that takes precedence to Perfect Matrimony. Realize yourself through chastity and applying the right actions in life, and someday as a single, you will be rewarded by the Elohim: the deliverance of your priestess-spouse. Your priestess-spouse is your spouse. You must first deny all desires of all women of the world; this is how you purify yourself from all forms of sexual impurities.

You, as a male initiate, are the aleph of the household. All men are Aleph, or leaders, of the household. All patriarchs represent Adam. You are the brains of your house. Women represent Beth, which is the house in Hebrew. A man is not a man without a woman; so likewise, she is not a woman without a man. All women must submit themselves unto their husbands as it is fitting unto Yah-Hovah Elohim. This is self-reliance.

Behold, you are allowed to truly love only one person. This only person is your spouse. No one shall truly love more than one person. He who truly loves more than one person is committing not only adultery, yet also polygamy. Polygamy is also infrasexuality. Polygamy will not enable a man or a woman to awaken the Kundalini.

Once you are married, you will not put it asunder. In other words, you will not divorce your spouse except on the grounds of fornication and adultery. Through the holy act and preservation of the Perfect Matrimony, ending the relationship is virtually impossible. Marriage is permanent and irreversible. So, therefore, your spouse must spend time with you all the time. If for any reason your spouse spends only part-time with you, this is a probable cause that your spouse is not faithful unto you. Whenever a marriage is faithless, divorce will follow. Whosoever commits adultery lacks judgment; whenever he does, he will destroy himself.

Whenever chastity and the Perfect Matrimony are preserved forever, there is always happiness, joy, and ecstasy between man and wife. However when a man and woman fornicate, the honeymoon is broken, both man and woman are expelled from the Garden of Eden, both man and woman spiritually die, and pain and suffering are born as a result. All the happiness, joy, and ecstasy perish whenever the couple willingly commits the crime of fornication.

Whenever a man and woman are sexually united, they create a dyad in one flesh. Both man and wife are integrated and interconnected. The dyad in one flesh creates the Holy Cross. Indeed, the holy cross is far more powerful than those who attempt to create the cross through homosexuality, which is virtually impossible.

When man and wife are sexually united, they are given by the will of the Elohim the power to create. Sex is the untapped power of the universe. Within the universe of the Elohim, there is only one absolute: everything is born out of sex. With sexuality, they could create divine enlightenment within themselves. They also could restore the fallen serpent of Eve back to its rightful place in order to awaken the Kundalini.

When both man and wife are sexually united, they also have the power to destroy through divine will. They would kill the legions of the sinning “I”. They would create thunderstorms, lightning, tempests, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. In the name of truth, only true humans have powers over nature.

When man and wife are sexually united, there are larger responsibilities that are never to be taken lightly. You and your spouse must always dominate and conquer the negative serpent. You must protect your spouse like a delicate vessel. In order to ascend in heaven, you must sacrifice your last drop of blood for your spouse. You must truly adore her full-time in order to go to heaven. These are your responsibilities.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the ancient definition of marriage. We must defend this ancient definition of marriage as the fortress of the White Tower. We must engage in a terrible battle against those who corrupt the ancient definition of marriage. It is up to us to declare war against the Black Lodge.