Math Problem Most People Get Wrong! See if you can solve it!

in #math3 years ago

Simple problem that most people get wrong in math!

f(x) = square_root(x);

where x = 16;

OR in simple math terms (not programming and solving for y):

y = square root of 16;

What is the value of f(x) or y. They are the same just how you prefer to look at it!

Comment your answer below!

Last way I can write it on here: y = √16



You a math/coding expert eh?

Former high school math teacher, yes.

I learned this from my calculus teacher in 10th grade I was always taught math wrong till I got older and started taking advanced math classes along with programming and software development and learning it on my own. Now I do math for fun ironically and learn new things just because it excites me and I enjoy logic. Math = Logic. Logic = Facts. I love math!

Can I get your input on the answer to this problem circulating fakebook.. I have my opinion but I wanna make sure I'm right: 70841934_2570246646344576_1861793985522040832_o.png

Distribute the 2(2+2) = 8 then 8/8 = 1; right? Or is it 16 as others are saying do to OO which seems wrong because to me 8/2x where x = 2+2 is 1 the same answer as you get if you distribute the 2 into the parentheses then solve.

I would start with the (2+2)
Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication/Division, Addition/Subtraction.

8 / 2(2+2)
Parentheses work first: 2+2 = 4

8 / 2 (4)

Next, we take both multiplication and division as we come across them, from left to right: 8 / 2 = 4

4 (4) = 16

But don't you distribute the 2 into the parentheses before beginning it? thus making it 4+4 = 8 then 8/8 = 1? This is the debate everyone is having on fakebook..

People almost always forget two negatives multiplied = a positive ;) thus why this is a simple math problem MOST people get wrong.

This is the place to find a problem like that.
Can't wait to see how the geeks will tackle it.
I am looking for the answer.

looking for the answer? You should be able to solve it with basic algebra skills any 8th grader should have... The point is most people don't have math skills these days lol! Give it a guess look at the problem it is simple. What is the square root of 16?

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