The Matrimonial Bed


The Matrimonial Bed

The Matrimonial Bed is the bed that boyfriend and girlfriend, or man and wife, sleep together. Yes, both boyfriend and girlfriend must sleep together. This is the next step after meeting one's Elohim-given spouse. Instead of saying: “Let us get (legally) married together”, we, boyfriend and girlfriend, ought to say: “Let us sleep together.”

It is man and woman which form the holy cross. The Matrimonial Bed is the bed of the Divine Mother Kundalini. She is the matron of chastity, perfect matrimony, immaculate sexuality, virginity, and immaculate knowledge.

Here are the instructions for the matrimonial bed:

You can choose either a queen-sized bed (representing the Divine Mother Kundalini) or a king-sized bed (representing the Lord Jesus Christ). Behold the White Queen and the White King (if you were playing chess)! You cannot go smaller than a queen-sized bed because you and your wife must sleep together. You must also be physically, modestly, and chastely accustomed to sleeping with your priestess-spouse, if you and your priestess-spouse were preparing for the immaculate sexual magic. Man and wife must sleep together in order to form the holy cross.

The Matrimonial bed must have its head facing towards the magnetic north. Whenever the head is aligned with the magnetic field going northwards, this enables one to astral project or to place their bodies into the Jinn State.

The bed does not have to be too expensive. It can be affordable when made of metal. You can also choose a wooden bed if you like. You can choose any type of material that suits you the most. Its color can be bronze, like the Bronze Serpent of Moses (Moshe). It's also up to you to decide the color of your bedsheets, pillowcases, comforters, etc. More preferably: yellow, red, and blue represent the colors of the Divine Trinity, enabling astral projection or placing their bodies into the Jinn state.

“Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.” – Hebrews 13:4

It is your job to keep the bed clean against all forms of sexual emissions. You and your spouse must not fornicate; that is the law. Keep the holy and sacred, matrimonial bed clean from all impurities. You must wash the whole sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and comforters in heavy-duty water. May no matrimonial bed be defiled by the mark of fornication!


Optionally and the most recommended of all, one can place the superior star on the head of the bed to keep all forces of black magicians away from you (such as the one above). You can also speak the mantras by the following with your sword or with your willpower the superior star: “Helion Melion Tetragrammaton!” This is called the circle of protection.


To sleep with your spouse is very difficult. It requires great willpower to sleep with your spouse. Remember: true love is brought in the matrimonial bed by man and woman. Lust and fornication must be banished from the matrimonial bed through awareness and comprehension! Slowly and steadily must man and woman be physically accustomed to sleeping together. Sleeping in separate beds for the first three months is recommended for matrimonial starters yet none must sexually connect with each other.

Upon sleeping together as man and woman, both man and woman must be modest, pure, and chaste by their vesture. The White Lodge is very demanding on modesty, purity, and chastity.

Once the physical adaptation of man and woman sleeping separate becomes successful, man (as the yogi) sleeps with the woman (as the yogini) on his right for the next three months. None must sexually connect during the physical adaptation. After the three months, the man sleeps with the woman on his left for the next three months; none must sexually connect during the last three months. The preparation is very difficult. Through rites, meditation, rune, and consciousness awakening, it is always difficult. Slowly and safely, the body must be prepared for White Tantra. Marriages are serious, committing, and loving. Marriages are never taken very lightly; once you are married to your spouse, there is no turning back nor you shall put asunder.

After these nine months shall man and woman perform the immaculate knowledge (the Golden Alchemy) while keeping the matrimonial bed clean. The length that man and woman must sexually connect in the Perfect Matrimony is at least nine months. Once the marriage is performed, this marriage is permanent and irreversible.