Introducing myself

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My name is Felipe, I am from Argentina and I am 21 years old. I found this community thanks to @Juguelio, I have been registered for about a month but it took me a while to take the step and make a post.

I am a medicine student, currently on my 4th year, here in Argentina the career lasts 6 years, and then if we want we can specialize which can last from another 3 years up to 6, so it is a pretty long career. I have some hobbies as well, I do archery, play football and basketball with my friends, some gym from time to time(It is hard to go) and I try to go running, I also play the piano, I started taking classes one year ago, I´m still not really good.
I am also a crypto enthusiast, so you will probably see me talking about them from time to time, I have known bitcoin for a while but really got into them this year and I started trading them, or that´s what I try
I also like going out with my friends for a drink, I always go for a beer, so if anyone ever comes to La Plata, the place where I live, we can go for one :P

Last December I went on a trip around Europe with my friends, we visited a lot of cities and I fell in love with the lifestyle there.
I will talk about my trip one of my next posts

If you got here and read my post, I really appreciate you took the time to read it. Thanks a lot!



Eyyy, ArgenPool copando steem

Bienvenido al mundo Steem!

Podrias hacer un post de tu viaje por Europa y ponerlo en el canal #travel #photography.

Welcome to Steem it my friend!! Cheers!!

Thank you! I am still a newbie but I plan on being active here and giving the best I can to the community