Flexibility Means You Don't Value Your Time?

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Flexibility Means You Don't Value Your Time? But then what is patience...

The most precious commodity anyone has. It's something that's always ticking away, and once it's gone, it can never be replaced.


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If flexibility means you don't value your time, then what does that say about the importance of time? Time is the most precious commodity anyone has. It's something that's always ticking away. Now I'm not here to talk about some positivity bs or on how to live your life the "right way" - it's just something recently came to my thought and that's Patience. No one said that flexibility means you don't value your time - it just feels natural to say that because we only have so much time.

Let's take a look at time as a currency, something that we can give and take. In a way this isn't too far off - I mean we give time to the ppl that we care about or don't care about whatever floats your boat and then ppl also give away their time to you. Now if both ppl or a whole group are genuinely excited all together then we generally refer to that as spending time together as everyone is giving and taking time from each other. Can we define patience as an act of giving time away then, I mean often our patience is tested if we waiting in line or in traffic jams. Patience is much more than that - I mean we all know that feeling of getting somewhere exciting. It always takes so long but the way back is so much shorter. I mean obviously, everything is mood dependent sometimes we just wake up and choose to be annoyed and so the day is shit, often if you were to zoom out and look at it from a different angle that day was no different than any other....just another boring day.....or exciting day just depends on how you choose to look at things - sounds lame I know because that's the same bs that everyone preaches. So does patience just mean giving less of a fuck and ignoring something that is actually annoying and excepting it? Or does it mean a patient person doesn't really value their time so it doesn't matter to them if they lose a couple of hours?

In conclusion, we all choose our own angles to look at things and we all decide on our own what is valuable to us. Enjoy your day and enjoy being you for once - go touch some grass ;D Also, some people seem to devalue flexibility, likely because they're so focused on their time that they've lost sight of its true value???