"This person you're a fan of said this thing I know you don't agree with" isn't the insult people think it is.

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Like... ok then.

That gun control issue of Swamp Thing may have been total cringe, but Alan Moore is still legendary. Stephen King is probably the most accomplished writer of my lifetime, but every tweet I've seen is cringe. Probably 95% of the musicians you like, if they have a political lean it's somewhere between hardcore progressive and outright marxist commie, and your favorite pornstar probably voted the wrong way as well.

Look, man... we all grew up with a media landscape opposed to many of our values. Hell... the closest people in my political circles get to celebrity representation is, what... The actor Vince Vaughn? That's really not that much, and we're all used to that just being the way things are.

I'm gonna continue to sing along to some music made by marxists, read stories from writers who idolize FDR, still watch films featuring actors that contribute to Hillary, buy products made by MAGA peeps, and all the rest. There's plenty of people I highly respect who have got some shit takes, and it would be really weird if that wasn't the case.