Flote app a Patreon alternative?

in #medialast year (edited)


A few months ago I found out about Flote.app. It's a community-driven social network with a focus on user privacy and monetization. The platform started as a Patreon alternative and focused on Adult content creators but all forms of content can be shared and monetized, including audio, video, photos, and text. Users can livestream and receive superchats from their audience with no fees. All payments are p2p and fee-free on Flote. Every account comes with an easy to use crypto wallet which will support multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat money. Private messages will be available and sending tips will be a part of the platform. But the most crucial feature in my humble opinion is the option to lock content behind a paywall. The company had a data breach last year because the administrator left exposed in GitHub the Amazon login details for the platform! They say it was a human error that will not happen again. So, that's all about Flote. Let me know what you think.



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