Second trimming on the M39

in #medicallast year

Just chop another round of buds from the M39 in the grow room. Usually, I do 3 round of choping on a plant. I'm not always doing that, depend of the strain and other variance that may happen




Bro them purple color is awesome. I really wanna get my hands on some ethos genetics

Well those m39 are not from ethos, it's a gift i had from an old timer grower. Its near impossible to find seeds of 39 now. It's an "old" strain that was kept preciously by that guy

A little trick to make the purple color more intense, you have to lower the tempararure of the grow room at half the flowering cycle. They say a drop of 10°C when you turn yohr light off would do the job

Enjoying the smell of those bud. Really sweat smell, almost like candy, and freakin oily buds. Cant wait to smoke it



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