I'm glad to hear that, @malos10. My hope is that I can help other people out there to improve the quality of their lives, if only in a small way. It's the main reason why I'm putting this stuff out there. I'd be absolutely ECSTATIC if I were to find out that any of the material that I've shared on my blog ends up helping someone, anyone, improve their lives in a deep, profound way.

I do feel like this is a meditation that absolutely can help people to get better - to feel better about themselves, develop more trust in themselves, gain more love for life, become more positive, and just generally be healthier, overall - but, like with anything regarding the improvement of one's mental health, it will require some practice and some patience. Hopefully, coming across this technique that I've shared here will help you to improve in all of the ways that I've mentioned and, more importantly, in the ways that you want to experience.

Good fortune to you and those you care about 😊