Small meetup with Steemians from KK

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(from left to right) me @nickychu, @wilsonkoh, @cathmot, @connie1018, @dilresh and @kuyagambit

Small meetup gathering with @wilsonkoh and his wife, @cathmot at our usual hangout place, Grand Dorsett Hotel Living Room Labuan.

@wilsonkoh, his wife @cathmot and me @nickychu

They came over with their kids for celebrating the last day of Chinese New Year last 2 days. Before they leave here, the small island of Labuan, we take the opportunity to hang out together and share about #steemit. Thanks for the meet up arrangement that made by one of our steemit member @dilresh.

Tonight @wilson is sharing about his wild idea “SmallLittleCircle” that he, @papanog and @davidngtv discussed during the past few days on how they can power up and encourage our new steemians by polling their SBDs collected after each meetup/event. For example, every event (meetup/boot camp), for those who attended and earn from posting will be divided equally. Will this encourage the newbies? This will a big question mark to everyone. Of course this will come in a certain conditions.

I understand the reason for doing this is to make our community stronger. I will try my best to support whichever good for everyone.

In order to be part of this SLC please refer to links below:

Here we are, going to make this happen tonight!!

P/S: For the newbies, please keep in mind. We are trying each and every way to encourage each and everyone of you. I’m not an expertise. I’m still a learner but I’m trying to share everything I know.


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Too bad didnt make it last night.. Btw, is there any bootcamp coming up..?

Will keep you informed if there is any.

Hope it wont clash with any of my work shcedule.. A bit busy lately with business travel.. 😣

A superwoman who are always busy. Hahahahaha

Creative Good Content, Keep Engaging young plankton to help built bigger and productive community and also not for forgetting ourself to engage to higher reputation steemians who has higher SP than us (in or out of msia) ... at the end they also will upvote our post, at the end its about money sense after all kan .. be cheerful, smart to engage, happy to post, happy to talk about steemit people; than ok lah tu .. hehehe!!! Cheers bro !!! Ini kali lahh ...

Will upvote the new steemians too. Build their reputation and also make them grow!

well said brother!!!

Uhuuu soorry too bad cant make it too lastnight..

Okay bah tu. There will be next time

Good effort bro. Sharing is caring.


You are right bro. Sharing is caring!