Labuan Steemit Meetup about SLC

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Tonight’s meet-up in Labuan was interesting. Those who came for the meet-up was @nickychu, myself, @cathmot, @connie1018, @dilresh and @kuyagambit.

So the question ask tonight was what is these SLC that myself, @papanog and @davidngtv have started? It is the sharing of SBD payout from meet-ups from similar contents.

Sharing of SBD, not everyone support this little initiaitives to share the SBD earning equally for posting contents about meet-ups, bootcamp and masterclass session.

However, there some who likes the idea especially new steemians. To continue encouraging these steemians to continue posting good contents, these SmallLittleCircle(SLC) is going to be shared equally from the total SBD payout after 7days. Please check out @nickychu ‘s post on this initiative.

We often see similar contents from same meetups, thus the idea came up. If there is 6 or 10 people who attend the meetup. Some gets upvoted high value, and some gets upvoted low value. All the post have similar content blogging about the meetup. So to have fair system, we are sharing the SBD on these same effort. Hey, If these work, then it’s fine to continue the effort, however if it doesn’t, so what?...well at least we tried.

Often when it comes down to money, most or if not all, will be reluctant to share even between friends. It’s only natural that these happen.

Heck, would you share your monthly salary with your other colleagues who does the same work?

Hence we understand very well, some does not agree with this initiative. But in steemit SLC, it’s really a different scenario. Since these is “proof-of-brain” ecosystem and We are actually mining STEEM from producing good contents, hence we are agreed to share the payout equally. There’s actually nothing to lose at the end of the day, since we are producing similar contents. This are shown especially to our readers/viewers that we are sharing and building the community.

Maybe in future, we will do a joint contest and share the total earnings equally too. Who knows right? Anything is possible. I know @heartbeat1515 is doing that.

Why is this good for newbies?

  1. It help encourage them to continue posting good contents despite having small value upvotes from their previous post.

  2. Build confidence for them in the steemit ecosystem.

  3. Help to to engage within the community.

  4. Encourage them to post good contents regularly.

  5. Helps them to practice their writing skills.

What i think some steemians may disagree with this initiative?

Maybe some senior steemians may not be supportive of these because they have build their reputation from nothing to where there are today. - Maybe just maybe. Dont quote me 😅

Well, to be frank, not everyone knows how to blog. Not everyone knows how to write as good as others. I’ve seen newbies, joined, come and go. Because they feel their content is not good enough and they lost hope and stop posting. I feel sad for them, which is why we want to start these SLC initiative to help especially the newbies. As i have said it before in my previous post, we need to be responsible in helping those we have brought into steemit, to guide them and provide support to them. If they really still do not want to continue doing steemit despite the support we have provided, then it is entirely different case/scenario.

The sharing of SBD only applies on meet-ups, bootcamp, boiler-room, and masterclass events. To qualify for the sharing of SBD, those who attended the meet-up must post it within 24hrs. It is only fare to everybody telling about the meetup. Be doing these, it does not matter whether you are the first person or last person to post about the event. At the end of the week, it will be shared equally among all the community who attended the meetups.

So here we are hoping this SLC initiative will flourish beautifully.

Cheers!! 🍻



Good effort bro.
My upvote value is half of yours from similar content. I am grateful that we had earlier on decided to share the SBD collected.

I was thinking that when we make the announcement of sharing, we should decline the payout and give back to the pool.

Just a thought.
Cheers and safe journey back.

Why didnt we thought of that? Maybe you want to make the annoucement for the post? Let see what others think.

Ok. Cool

Great idea you guys came up with. But mind me asking, what does it mean by declining the payout and give back to the pool? My first time to hear about this. 🙈

do you remember when you want to do a post, you have the options of power up 100%, 50%/50% payout and decline payout? That is what it means by declining payout and return it back to the pool of steemit ecosystem. This is normally used when people want to make an annoucement and will decline payout after 7 days from any upvotes. The system is fair, so here we are trying to be fair to the communities and to the newbies to encourage them to post more and more.

Ohh okay.. So if we give back to the pool there will be no more any SBD sharing?

It's just an announcement for the total collection from the #smalllittlecircle #meetup.

For my opinion, this SLC is really a good start for all newbies. So while they understand better how Steemit platform works, SLC could encourage them to join meets up and slowly make their own pathways in Steemit journey. There are so many things to learn in Steemit, not just by earning Steem but also gaining various knowledges from all around the globe

This is just a small initiative to help especially the newbies, to encourage them to post contents on steemit. At least by the end of 7 day. Those who attended the meetup will get an equal share of the SBD payout from the pool. As a newbie, i think they will like the idea of it. Just our wild idea. lets just see after 7 days the total value of all our post. Then we will share it equally to the 6 of us in this meetup. Only SBD will be shared, individual SP will not be shared.

So by doing that, if a newbie does a similar post, they will not only get equal share of SBD divided by the number of participants but also get his/her own Steem Power.

Ohhh okk.. Only SBD shared..

Hopefully this plan will work and motivate them! Resteemed!!

does it motivate you?

It works on me and I hope with this method can encourage them especially newbies.

I hope too. I know Im motivated to help.

That’s the reason as a community. Helping each other to grow. Nothing to lose anyway

Hopefully when I come back to KK we can meet up and help accelerate your growing community. All the best!

thanks @cbppls. Your most welcome to join and we can meetup. We welcome other great ideas too to help build the @teammalaysia community. Our target is to help the newbies not to give up on steemit.

I'll keep in contact. Should be headed down to play some gigs later this year

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