A newbie days circa 2017 style "throwback" post

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Way back when I first got in here in the spring of 2017 I posted memes for the first few days, for lack of any other ideas. I don't plan to continue just shit posting memes nowadays, but I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this one today. I was forced by things inside me to share it anyway. We will just call it a bookmark meme, to indicate where I resumed my activities on Hive, having left what was formerly Steem back in 2019 pretty much completely. So this meme bookmarks my re-boot by initializing the system the same way I did the first time after making my introduction post, thereby marking the occasion with a meme.

A short pronunciation guide for visiting the Southern US states:


Hello Sir!!!
Just dropping this here for you to know that I've passed by and someone far away in the middle of the Indian ocean thought abt you today😉😉😉
Read from you soon.

Hey buddy! I hope all is well in your part of the world with you and your family and friends! I am flattered to be thought of and here's some return thought from abroad! How's the fishing going lately?

All is good man, got a son in the meantime 😅😅😅 his 2nd birthday today!
With the different lockdowns periods...fish are in abundance 🤣🤣🤣 crazy stuff indeed. Will share the different experiences soon.
Sooo happy reading your message.
Be well.

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Good one! LOL