Meme challenge #53 + Winners of #52

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Hello Memearmy!!

Winners of last Memechallenge

(Judge: @rigaronib)

First place: @metzli

Second place: @drobinson

Third place: @herbyosama




Congratulations to all the winners!!

NEW Meme challenge

Judge will be @sulev

For this challenge you have to make a meme of this photo:

full size



Winner - 25 $

Second place - 15 $

Third place - 8 $

Mentions - 2 $

No new donations:


  • Title of every entry must contain "Meme challenge # - Entry #"
  • First tag of post must be #memechallenge
  • Your meme must contain text
  • You can add/remove something from the original photo but again photo without text isn't a meme
  • End of challenge will be on Friday at 12:00 (UTC +1)
  • Each user can have up to 2 entries that will be considered in challenge

How to support challenge:

  • Vote on this post
  • Resteem this post
  • Create at least one entry
  • If you are interested to be guest judge on next challenge contact me at
  • If you have an picture for next meme challenge contact me at or send me on email: [email protected]
  • If you have some extra money donate it to make new challenge possible

Big thanks to people who donated for #memechallenge :

@dumar022 , @papa-pepper , @onceuponatime, @moon32walker, @tmntzara, @the-future , @ebryans, @fulltimegeek, @karenmckersie, @kus-knee, @inphiknit, @gonzo, @thecryptofiend, @good-karma, @donkeypong, @giftedgaia, @hanshotfirst, @felixxx, @taskmanager, @son-of-satire, @runridefly, @karenb54, @sykochica, @buzzbeergeek, @tincho, @chuckypita, @reseller, @blueorgy, @thedonfreeman, @tamaralovelace, @cosminblaga, @nicolaepavelean, @kingscrown

#memechallenge has it's room at so feel free to join the room to promote your entries and communicate with other participants. You are all welcome!!


Good luck everyone!

Support #memechallenge with your upvote!

Payout of meme posts are filling memechallenge reward pool!

Stay tuned and follow Memechallenge on Instagram


full size

Greetings from @fibra59

full size

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all the memes are great n funny hheh really enjoyed

yeah we do

indeed :) my friend

nice....I will buy SD :)

Okhies coming soon 👍😊

hahahha....hopeful SD can do the same as Bitcoin :)

Yeah, I would dive into it straight away :)

hahahhaa.....good choice :)

Here is my entry

I hope this reply doesn't show twice, i hit post and it didnt show up. Thanks for the contest, lots of fun!

I think, this meme deserves a win. :D

Thank you, :D

Welcome :)

nice friend...hahahahha :) me too

Lol. You too ? :D
Maybe this time, I might get lucky ! :D

hahaha....good luck my friend :)

Thanks.. Same to you :D

you are welcome my friend :)

I hope someone at least sees my entry this time


is this ironic?

lol, got me laughing

Lol.... Very funny! I hope you win

Is funny you know... Wish you the best in the contest

Nice one dear, very funny, i recommend you to win

To be sincere, I will make you the winner if am the judge, I think this contest is not fair. The winners post actually don't worth awarding winning. Probably they are bribing the judge. Look at the last contest, am 100% sure my own meme is far better than the winner apart from mine there are other meme worth better than the winner. I guess those winners are friends to the judge or the owner of this contest. Please let be sincere. As for I am not doing this meme challenge cause I know I won't win.

Hey @soloman507 I won the last contest. I didn’t bribe the judge and I don’t know him in real life. Maybe your meme was funnier than mine and was simply overlooked because there are so many entries?

Congrats, @metzli - Your meme made me LOL. Literally.
Here's a quick upvote to add to your winnings for being funny and woke!

Have an awesome day!

And to clear things up, I did see her meme - But yours was funnier. ;)

I can guarantee you 100% that this challenge is legit. I was the judge last time and didn't receive a single bribe. Don't believe me? Check my wallet transfers (STEEM is transparent like that.)
I saw your entry and it was a bit funny, yes, but it was no where near as funny as the ones that I picked. It was somewhat dry and unoriginal, as many other people had similar quotes on their memes.
As for me knowing @metzli, I do not - I hadn't even seen her around this massive ecosystem until I skimmed through what felt like 100's of memechallenge entries (most of which were not funny or flat out didn't make sense) and chose her as the winner. Her entry was original and clicked with my personality/ it actually made me laugh.

Don't be a sore loser.

#sorrynotsorry #soreloser #beoriginal #falseassumptions #stopspreadinglies #befunny #metzliisstillwinner

You’d like my entry for this week too then 😂😂 thanks for the compliments. 39BDEFB1-EB92-4C43-AE1D-28544AF90189.png

Hahahaha So much yes! Love it.

ahahahhaahahahahahah this should totally win!

hahahah Hopefully !


Who "Suit yourself" epp?? Raise your hand and "Introduce yourself"

This is Steemit.
Am a newbie, i had to did the challenge. I do hope to win.

Last week 2nd, this week mentioned, I'm on a hot streak lol

Thanks @fibra59 !!!!

I was not the judge ;)

I know, but its your platform

Yes! I saw a post about steem reaching $1000 - wouldn’t that be nice.

It is possible. But to see this we have to wait a few years and everything must go right without mistakes.
That would mean an actual marcetcap of 250B which is far over actual BTC and ~33% of the whole marketcap. without counting the inflation

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