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RE: MeneMonday: Proving the Lucky Mene Box Theory

in #menemonday2 years ago

Whoa!!! This silversaver is on FIRE! Amazing post and congratulations on your gold finds... I do think your Mene Box is the MOST lucky gold finding box of all :)

I so enjoy your posts silversaver <3


DANG!!! It is unbelievable! I was so sure that I won't find a gold card on the second opening With Mene Box opening. I was almost sure that it would just be a rare card! Then BOOM!!! A rare gold foil card! That was so much fun!!! And did you see the third one! double Bam!!! Two gold cards, one of which is rare, plus a rare card! Hehehe... I do have a lucky Mene box! It my Mene MondayFABULOUS! Take care, @goldmatters! 🤗💕💋!!!!

I put in Sm post promotion for you:) Maybe edit in the steemmonsters Tag too? I’m sure those guys would like it!

K will do edit on tags when I get back to my desk! I dunno how to on it on my phone, lol! What’s for lunch?


Mene pumpkin Mac and cheese of course!

You must be a Californian, eating Mac and cheese with pumpkin seeds!!!😋😋😋

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