A Dragon Doug

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Finishing more of those "abandoned" projects. It's my goal this year to empty the rack of bodies and necks, and somehow I will achieve it. But, baby steps first.


This particular guitar was a collab with the wifey. She helped me bring the dragon to another level.

This build also features a shop built bridge, which Is something I'm quite proud of, if I'm allowed to say so. One day, hopefully before my head turns completely white, I would love to get myself into milling hardware, but I'm not there yet.

As always thanks for checking out my creating and my little rants.




We all have those never ending projects, with so many things to do on a daily bases things some times are put aside and neglected not that we loose interest or we dont want to but time again, the guitar looks really cool, what I like the most is that the dragon does look like some one draw it by hand, much cool than just a kind of sticker 🤘 about the paint if you ask a petrol head like me that combination of color have only one car in mind GRT R34 Midnight Purple, your still a bit more bright but similar✌️

Another cool build. That finish is nice and it's a shame it got bashed up. Does that count as a 'relic'? I don't see others using wooden bridges on electrics like that. With the dragon it would be a cool rock guitar and the sounds are great.

Rock on!


thank you my friend... I'm biased, but I'm a fan of my wife, what can I say? lol


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