A repair for a change

in #meno3 months ago

There is a lot of specialized tooling for building and repairing acoustic guitars. Since it's not something I've gotten myself into, yet at least, I'm lacking a lot of these tools that would make life a bit easier.

That being said, this is a great excuse to build some tools for myself.

clamp homemade.jpg

the idea being that it needs to be able to reach the bridge through the soundhole without messing with anything else. That being said, it's not to apply an insane amount of pressure or anything. If it's done right, it should not require crazy pressure to begin with.

clamp homemade 2.jpg

I'm documenting the adventure on video as well, for those who like these sort of thing.


I would expect you to have a fair few clamps. I know guitar building can involve a lot of gluing. It's still cool to be able to make your own tools.


i have 50+ clamps, but none for soundhole repairs... I just have the regular kind you would buy at a big store.

Also... the saying for us woodworkers is: You can never have enough clamps..

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