Introducing Natural Neblina Singer Songwriter inspired

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I kept on thinking as I was building this one, that if I had to go out again and perform; I would love a guitar that is way easier on the hands, but can give me the acoustic tones that I would prefer for singing my original tunes.

Long before I was even an idea in my parent's head. The concept of a dude or a gal with his/her guitar on a stage baring an intimate part of their soul had become a standard. But, and this is a big one, as much as I've always loved the bare bones approach to performances, amplifying acoustic instruments is not without it's challenges.

For some, piezo pickups don't sound that great, and for others (like myself these days) those bar chords are getting pretty rough on the tendons....

So, here's an idea.... a compromise, if you will....

Accompanied of course, by a story...

Thanks for checking out my projects.




Play me this part of the song @meno Pleeease!!!

I'm not a lead guitarist... but I'll ask my brother to record some Dire Straits with this guitar soon!

Excellent! I will be waiting for that Christmas gift. 🎄


Wie viel wiegt deine Frau?
Frag mich bitte was Leichteres.

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