More work on this crazyness!

in #meno9 months ago

So, I'm truly a month into this body. I would say on average I put about 2 hours a day as to not drive myself crazy, but on the last two, it's been more than 8 hours total.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-17 at 6.37.54 PM.jpeg

So far, I love what I'm seeing, and I think it's going to be worth it hands down when I'm done. It's going to be one of those pieces than whoever buys it from me, should have no doubt that I'm selling myself short here. Incredibly labor intensive. That being said, I need to start thinking of the pickups, because using anything traditional would be a crime, in my opinion.

A cool thing happened these last few days, an old aquantaince, who has now become a friend all of the sudden showed up at my niece's bday. Turns out, he's been working on wood sculpting himself for a while, and loves any type of art that involves making things with your hands. I took him to see my shop, and he decided to gift me some amazing timbers, and even loan me a couple of antique tools he owns.

One of the gouges he left me, has inspired me to work on shapping the horns of this build a little different. I think a violinish border type thing is in order, and thus, I've not been able to put it down.

Anywho, wanted to show whoever follows my builds the progress.



Incredible, impossible grain. It's wonderful that you can take nature's beauty and improve it, and make something splendid out of it.