Things are getting out of hand

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Only if you follow this blog closely, you would know that I'm an expat these days. It's not that I'm regretting leaving USA, at least not right now, but I feel like regardless the experience has enriched me.

All that being said, I'm starting to get really worried....

Political Assasination?


There's a video of the whole thing, and I don't think I need to share it here to make my point. The truth is that the political climate here is as toxic as it gets, and the Banana Republic effect is in full effect.

What does this mean for me?

The wife and I talked about it for a while last night. Truth be told, I can always go back home, back to the Florida, if things get worse, but I feel like I would be betraying myself a bit.

Of course, there is nothing more important than being alive. I can't say, I don't want to close my shop and I'm willing to die over my guitar building, but I would probably depress me deeply if I had to go back to the drone like grind of the 9 to 5.

Narcos run things here.

This is my conclusion from this whole thing. Any candidate who is "too aggressive" towards "business" will be taken out. As a matter of fact, they released a video stating so, so this is not speculation at the moment.

I'm reminded very much of Colombia back when I was a kid. We are probably days away from car bombs and such. In about three months, the presidential elections will be held, and I fully expect for the circus to escalate even more.



Sorry to hear the political situation there is so grave. I am not confident similar degradation isn't ongoing here. The corruption of the federal government and it's sheltering the political party in power has definitely become comparable to banana republics of yore.

I can only suggest that if you are in a place where you are in a community of people you can trust with your life and fortune, you are in the right place. If you need to go somewhere to get to a place with a community like that, you should. Corruption and violence will degrade politics everywhere I believe, and economic hardship is also coming everywhere. Places where hardship is simply the status quo are often far more resilient than places that got used to easy living when hard times come.

I hope for the very best for you and yours, wherever you land.


I admit I haven't followed closely enough to know why you're in Ecuador but that's a big red flag to live somewhere else. Costa Rica? Chile? Pulling up roots sucks but living under a corrupt, murder-based government isn't great either.

moving is not impossible, but it would be painful in hundreds of ways. I guess we are holding on to hope, for now.