State whistleblower Carol Woods incarcerated in The Orchard, Lancaster UK since September 3, 2019

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I hadn't heard of Carol Woods for a few years until she was kidnapped from her home by police on the morning of September 3, 2019 and taken to The Orchard Secure Mental Health Unit in Lancaster. Carol is a former social worker who lived in Lancaster, a brave woman who has suffered persecution ever since she made complaints about the mismanagement of child protection about 19 years ago. I have visited Carol a few times and I now consider her a friend and I very much uphold her courage and convictions. It is disgraceful how the establishment treats whistleblowers who care about the welfare of children and also the parents of children who have their children stolen from them.

Here is a link to her affidavit given verbally by phone on September 6 2019 09 06 Affidavit of Child Protection Whistleblower, Citizen Ms Carol Woods from Orchard, Mental Health Secure Unit V Lancashire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
This is an interview I did with Carol on September 17 after her tribunal where they wouldn’t allow her two visitors to be present. Carol’s report on her tribunal

Carol Woods talks to Andy Devine October 30

Carol Woods sensational story

Recorded at The Orchard, Lancaster

Carol has suffered from shingles due to the stress of her situation at The Orchard.

Andy Devine reads the report from Carol Woods