Another Tuesday, Another Secret Productivity Weapon

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Have you got a critical case of messaging platform overwhelm? If so, you'll love today's livestream. I'll be sharing with you my secret productivity weapon for getting all of your messaging systems under control!

Hey, hello, everyone, welcome. And Hi, I’m Dennis Lewis, yet another soliloquy from a very secluded soapbox. And yeah, Welcome to Tuesday. And you know what that means if you’ve been following these for a while, Tuesdays are all about tools. And so today, I think I have a tool for you that I personally use every day. It increases my productivity is an essential part of my daily routine. And I think you’re going to find that it can be really useful for you as well. So here’s the deal.

I have. I know for a fact you’ve all experienced messaging overwhelm, okay, you’ve got Facebook Messenger, you’ve got What’s up, you’ve got Viber you’ve got, you know, Twitter direct messages. You’ve got Google Voice, you’ve got LinkedIn and you’ve got your Facebook page and you got, you know, there’s just probably, you know, the list just goes on with Skype and slack and, you know, it just goes on and on telegram it’s just like a never ending, you know, list of apps and chat systems and you know, messaging platforms. And the truth is, is that it’s almost impossible now to put an into your your footprint that way. Sure. You could say, Okay, I only use WhatsApp.

Okay. Well, that’s true until somebody you really want to talk to tells you Oh, but I’m only on you know, I only look at LinkedIn or I only, you know, only is Facebook Messenger. And then you say, Okay, well I’ll chat with you there. And or, you know, know where I’m at. The only thing that really works well is Skype. Now you’ve got Skype, and it just it’s just, it’s really hard to I’m not saying you can’t do it. But the reality is that we all end up kind of just being a little bit everywhere and ignoring almost everywhere all the time as well.

And if you’ve ever felt kind of overwhelmed by all those platforms and you know and then there’s text messages, it’s just it just goes on and on and I will just never know where to stop then Today’s my feeling is going to help you an awful lot because it taught that’s what this is all about. And so I’m just gonna jump in this isn’t going to be the you know, I always said this is going to be a long livestream and something 25 minutes not today’s is going to be shorter. But I do want to present to a tool that, like I said, that I use every day and it’s called France.

And I use several tools kind of similar to France, and they’ve never worked out for me they were always a little flaky. They were always crashing and making my magical 1000 miles an hour and this guy, this app is is really good. It really does work. And I don’t know who the people are behind brands I know that they’re in from Vienna in Austria. I was in Vienna for a few days. Quite a few, quite a few years ago. I loved it. It was an awesome place. I’ll tell you a story. You know I was I was absolutely shocked.

You know, I was taking a taxi in in in downtown Vienna Austria. kind of you know, rush hour kind of time of the day and I was just sitting back in the taxi it was going along and room this you know, this this Porsche can zooming down on the left side of the taxi just crashed right in front of us just slammed in front of it took off you know, in anywhere else in the world. You know, taxi driver would have gotten into taxi driver, screaming village right especially, you know, in Latin countries like India. or Spain, you know, they would have been honking their horns they would be you know, raising fists shouting out the window.

You know, how dare you? Yeah, you can you can imagine, you know, pretty much what? This Austrian taxi driver who just blinked I think he blinked that’s about it nothing he was it’s just it was just an amazing country. I mean you didn’t see anybody parked out of crossing the line on their parking place it’s just amazing. Really beautiful everything was well kept incredible place. And I know the guys from brands are from Vienna, Austria, so you know, shout out to anybody in Vienna.

Anyway, let me get into talking about what I’m talking about on the livestream today. That was just a funny story for you. To tell you another funny story about Vienna as well about the the catacombs underneath the cat Cathedral. But we’ll save that for Halloween. Anyway friends, let’s Come back to France Well, it’s all about getting all of these platforms under one. And where all the notifications come into the same place where you don’t have to have 35 different, you know, apps open on your computer.

And it’s all just neatly packaged and works just, just so so so, so well. And, you know, you can have, I’ll just kind of go through here you can see that the bin, bin feature a lot of places, you can use one, app friends, and you can have unlimited accounts all set up. So you can have different accounts all under the same hood. So you got lots of, you know, Google accounts and you want to keep your messages coming in. You can do that you can have the Google Calendar in there.

You can have you know, it just up Makes keeping up to date on all these platforms really simple you can you can you have very very granular control over that notification so if you don’t want you know telegram to be popping up with you know should the little red button there you can you can mute it and it won’t you can you can add in custom websites you can do so much with with brands I don’t you know I use it for what I use it I use it for all the messaging platforms Facebook Messenger that you know the most important Facebook pages that I want to be on top of so that if somebody messages them I can respond back Twitter direct messages, not so much LinkedIn definitely.

I use it every day for LinkedIn messaging really is part of my my lead gen funnel that way because it just keeps me on top of if people are asking me questions or sending me messages I’m I’m pretty responsive there. You know, it depends on your business where you really want to be responsive. But by putting all of this into the same into one app, it makes it just so comfortable. It’s just so much easier. You don’t have to go through a gazillion different places. I know they have a team functionality.

I haven’t tried it, but I’m sure it works really well. If you have a larger team and you want to have, you know, multiple people working with the same accounts with separate accounts and you want to you know, you can, you can do some pretty cool stuff there. You can actually extend friends for your own apps, if you have your own apps, you can get them in there and and make a plugin for brands so that you can have that in there as well. So just you can really, you know, ramp this up as far as you want to go.

You can have different workspaces. So if you have different hats that you wear, and you want to be able to switch between them easily. You can do that desktop notifications, it’s got dark mode, you know, you’ve got you know, you can you can sync from the cloud into it multiple instances of these apps. So you could have two different telegram accounts or three different wats up accounts I’m you know, I’m kind of I’m not sure the specific details of every service but yeah, you can, you can have them all in there at the same you know, give them make it easy to keep them keep track of them.

Yeah, you can integrate it with I believe you can integrate it with Zapier as well and get to stuff like that. Yeah, so you know, here we are WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, telegram, Google Hangouts, group me Skype, you know, it just goes on and on and on. And if you want let’s see, I will show you here just to give you an idea, there’s a free plan for for friends. I started off that way that I would say is probably a good place to start.

It only gives you up to three services though. So you know, it is what it is. But the paid plan is $5 a month. I think it’s this is in euros right now but even you could switch it’s in it’s in dollars as well. And that’s unlimited. You can you know, pretty much do you know, as many workspaces as many custom websites you can have team management in there, all of that for ridiculously low cost. It’s like a cup of coffee. And man, can I tell you this saves time every day of your life This saves you time and that’s what it’s all about.

You know, I’m not you know, there’s not too much else here to go over. It’s you know, they’ve got here’s how I knew that they were from Vienna, here they are. Here’s the nice guys in France. Hey guys. Nice to To help you enjoy this video, like I do on every Tuesday, there’s no I don’t know, these people haven’t, you know, they’re not paying anything to talk about the product. It’s just something I use every day. It saves me time. It makes me more productive. And I’m pretty sure it’s going to be useful for you, too. So that’s it. Go to meet friends calm. That’s their website.

I’ll repeat that for you meet Kranz calm. And yeah, check it out, download it, play around with it a bit test it, there’s a 14 day free trial. So give it a whirl and see, see if it works well for you. It does. Let me know let me know that this was useful for you if you’ve got any questions. I’m not an expert, but I’m a user. So you know, ask me if you want and if there’s anything else I can do for you. Feel free to reach out. I’m going to end today with a shameless plug for my book, Behold the crypto printers.

It’s all about leveraging the blockchain and crypto currencies to help your business grow to help the industry, the blockchain industry grow. I think you’ll learn a lot. It’s a pretty fun read. People have said they’ve enjoyed it. It’s got good reviews on Amazon. That’s where you get it on Amazon paper version or Kindle version up to you. Anyway, thanks a lot. Take care. Check out friends, meet friends, calm and talk to you tomorrow. Have a great day. Bye for now.