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Privex stopped accepting STEEM/SBD shortly after HIVE launched, and while we were offering Steem 0.22.1 + 0.22.5 pre-ready servers, those are being discontinued from today.

Our official stance is that we refuse to offer any support for running 0.22.8888 nor 0.23.0 - though we can't prevent people figuring out how to run it themselves.

There may be some of the top 20 running Steem nodes at Privex, but it's hard to know for sure, given that we have no KYC - users can put in any name, so some may not put in the same name as they use on Steem.


Above is our official stance on 0.23.0 and 0.22.8888 which was posted in our Discord by @deathwing (one of our staff members)

Yes, we continue to support Hive 0.23.0 - which unlike Steem, isn't actively censoring users at the blockchain level, and is correcting for those who were wrongly excluded from the initial airdrop through the "Hive Secondary Airdrop" system.

See the "Hive Secondary Airdrop" proposals here: