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It's possible, but when you can buy the full top governance, and even more when you actually do, I run away and go for the fork. That is what happened.

It's basically the inverse of a democratic voting happening. In any fair voting system, you have a group of participants (can be similar to an electoral college or a whole country) that select one or several representatives. You can check the numbers that this is what is the case on HIVE. You could argue it's closer to electoral college and that this could be done much better, but that is also partly because of the Stake part of DPoS which gives bigger responsibility (actually by design not necessarily power) to the ones with the bigger stake.

In the case of Steem at this point, you have one person voting for all governors, be it by proxy. All influence comes from exactly one person. No one can vote anyone out but the one with all the stake. This is what we know as a puppet state. You can of course arrange this in a fair way, and Justin clearly tries to put it that way, and my respect for that, but it doesn't remove the fact that one person is in charge and all are at his mercy. At this point it isn't meaningful to say "responsibility but not power", and the only way it's not power is because of a lack of technical understanding, not any theoretical/mathematical safeguards.

Also social dynamics that could kinda keep him in check, but that is almost 0. That is definitely not 0 with the situation Hive is in.

Either way, you agree that they bought the governance. There is no way at all for me to change direction, and there never was. The only way thus that makes sense for me is Hive. The social characteristics don't matter at all for what I want to do there, and they completely fly by me because of my autism, which also makes me understand you as incredibly stupid posing as a know-all that doesn't understand how people can't understand his absolute truth. I understand that you are socially/emotionally right, but it doesn't matter. I'm in it for the tech, and for me Hive is the beginning of the real story. Steemit never really did it for me exactly because of the issue that Hive solved now. I never was a true supporter of Steem, although I always hoped it would get there.

The story starts here and the future looks bright.