Kamelot: The Shadow Theory review

in #metal6 years ago

Released April 6, 2018 via Napalm Records.

Kamelot comes out swinging with yet another quality record that puts their consistency on full display. I am honestly not sure if I would consider this a compliment, as it could just as easily be dismissed as redundancy, albeit redundancy of a formula that I personally enjoy. The Shadow Theory brings improved vocals and a blissfully polished balance to a band that always finds themselves at the top of the Melodic/Power metal genre. If you havent heard this album yet, it tends to follow the trend of Kamelot in recent years, as I kept having this deja vu of Insomnia running through my head as I listened (which is second only to March of Mephisto in their entire discography). As always, the symphonic elements blend in perfectly in setting a sort of enigmatic mood, leaving you on edge for the entire 52 minutes of entertainment. Perhaps one of the greatest assets to the album as a whole is the full sound that persists throughout, giving us the perception of heaviness which actually provides a good contrast to the soothing vocals of Tommy Karevik.

As is my tradition, I identify my picks for the best track, worst track, and best solo of the album (because why read the post when you can skip to this part!).

Best track: Vespertine
Worst track: Phantom Divine (lol I think this was the !only one they have done a video for yet)
Best solo: The Proud and the Broken


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As always, I only review music that I would personally recommend. Remember, it is a two way road. If you are an independent musician, or have a suggestion that I haven't gotten my hands on, please try me.
For reference, my tastes generally gravitate towards melodic death metal (Insomnium, Mors Principtum Est, Ne Obliviscaris).


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