MetaRobots - Metaverse and Game. Introduction Post!

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Hello good people of Hive! This is @kenny-crane, long time member of Hive and the previous chain, here since almost the very beginning. I have a project called MetaRobots. I'll tell you some things about it!

MetaRobots World, Chat and Backpack

What is MetaRobots?

MetaRobots is a project I've been working on for a while. Its a "metaverse" with small worlds your robot character can visit and find items. You can buy and sell items. It has "land" which are houses you can move around in, store stuff and craft new items. It has quests. You get XP (experience points) and level up. It has in-game currency. It has a public and private chat. It has sounds and music and speech.

It has a battle card game which is very much like @Splinterlands. You can see the cards in the next pic. Zero art on the cards so far! Similar stats as #Splinterlands but no mana. You play an NPC right now, PvP later. Each battler uses the same number of cards. Right now, just 3 on 3. Speed, attack, armor and health stats are like in Splinterlands. There are very basic graphics and sounds as the battle plays out. If you win, you earn XP and in-game currency. Cards can be combined to get better stats. Also other features Splinterlands doesn't have.

Battle Card Game - Your Magic attacks their Melee

It's just a 2D metaverse shown in a website with very basic graphics, nothing cool to look at. But players will be able to create and sell graphic and sound content to others in the world.

Other pages on the website include:

Credits: Attribute links to the source of some free-to-use content we use in this project.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions, with Answers. Like a Help page.

Forum: Users can post Questions, Suggests, Bug Reports and Other things.

Profile: Your Hive name and profile pic, for now. Also the place to set Settings like Sound volume.

This project is in Alpha phase 0 testing, the first time anyone other than me and my team have seen it. Two people have been in, and one more possibly on the way.

After that, I'll select 5 Alpha Phase 1 testers from the early Followers of this account for more testing, including the ability to cash out to HBD.

We're self-funding and there is nothing for anyone to buy in order to get in. People can play by invite only, for now.

Any questions, please ask in the comments.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

(This is the website's FAQ as currently published on the site to give a very basic starting guide to testers.)

What kind of game is this?

This is a metaverse where you can move around, find items, buy and sell items, craft items, do quests and play a battle card game. It is a flat 2D game with limited graphics. You can chat with other players while you are here!

What is the general story behind the game?

Living on a planet overcrowded by robots, a group of robots decided to search the galaxy for another uninhabited planet that would provide them with the resources they need and enable them to create their own world. They land on the planet, establish trade with EdMerc and go about exploring and gathering items to help them develop their homes, craft the things that they will need to make their own necessities, develop and create new inventions and explore and adapt in their new world.

As a player, you will be creating and controlling a robot avatar.

The world seems slow or lags, why?

There is a 4 second timer in the world, and it checks for inputs every 4 seconds. So it can take a few seconds for you to see the result of your last input.

How do the buttons above the world work?

You can move around by clicking the Left, Up, Right, Down buttons. Your character will move one plot in the direction of the button you click, unless they would go through a wall or move into an occupied plot.

Backpack opens your backpack so you can see what you are carrying around with you.

Pickup is used to pick up an item you have placed in a plot inside one of your houses. Just go to the plot with the item and click Pickup. The info box will open. if you are in a plot with an item, it will tell you what item is there. Click "Pick one up" if you want to do that.

The House button lets you go to your house or a friend's house. Make your choice in the info box. NOTE: You must be in the bottom row to go to a house! If you are anywhere in a house and want to leave, click House.

How can I find items?

Just move around by clicking the Left, Up, Right, Down buttons. If you enter a plot that contains an item, you will hear a quick "beep boop" sound. The info box below the World and Chat box will be opened. It will tell you what item is at your feet. Click the link "Pick it up." if you want to pick it up. It will go in your backpack if you have room. You can only have 6 different items in your backpack. If you need to make room, move some items to plots in your house or sell items to EdMerc by clicking him, click Sell in the info box then click Sell in the item card description if you want to accept his offer of Volts, the in-game currency.

What are the plot types?

In the Eden world, you will find dirt, grass, trees and water. The dirt is a brown pattern. The grass is a dark green pattern. The trees are a lighter green pattern. The water is blue. Plots may cost you energy or give you energy. Keep an eye on your Energy stat below the World!

You may find other plot types in other worlds.

Your house has an Energy Recharger plot type. It looks like a smiley face in the sky. Check it out!

How do I buy or sell items?

Right now you can only buy or sell with EdMerc. Eventually there may be character trading and maybe a full marketplace with order books. Click EdMerc and then click Buy or Sell to buy or sell an item.

How do I get a quest?

Click EdMerc then click the Quest link. He will tell you what to do. After you complete your quest, click EdMerc for your reward and next quest.

How do I play the Battle Cards game?

Click EdMerc then click the Play Battle Cards Game link.
You will be told if you have to pay a fee in Volts, the in-game currency. You can play once every 3 hours for free. You can play more but it will cost you 1 or more Volts.

Pay the Volts or play for free if that is an option.

Select three cards, the click Battle. The battle will play out. Watch the screen as the battle rages!

At the end, it will tell you who won. If you won, you will receive a reward!

How do I Private Message or Direct Message someone?

Private or Direct messages are just between you and one other player's character. First become their friend by clicking them and choosing to be their Friend. They will see your request when they click you. Now there is no notification so tell the person via the Public Shoutbox where everyone can send and see everyone's messages that you are wanting to be friends and they should click your character to accept. When you are friends, click the character again and a new tab will open in the chat where you can PM/DM them.

Random Thoughts on Future Features!


Stake Volts to VoltPower (VP). Unlock 20% a week over 5 weeks. Pays 10% APY in Volts.

Airdrop of GoVote (GV = Governance Voting token) token based on VP.

GV lets holders vote on things like:
What attribute(s) next Battle Game augment will be.
What proposed feature to work on next.

Withdraw of Volts for #HBD. Alpha rate is 100 Volts = 1 HBD. After testing, rate will be 1000 Volts = 1 HBD. Minimum withdraw is 200 Volts for 2 HBD.

Buying Volts for HBD. Max for Alpha is 5 HBD for 500 Volts.


Buy other packs, with a price in Volts for it.

Combine cards, and pick the one stat to increase when 2 cards of the same type and level are combined.

Cap number of cards at 30.

Acquire and affix augments, and remove augments (decide if they are then burned or reusable) and what augments do.

EdMerc should play a better card 20% or 25% of the time. And should have different decks he plays based on your level. Maybe he plays a new/better deck against you at level 3, 7, 12.


Maybe pay some amount of Volts for plot where an item has dropped. Maybe that amount increases by 1 each time, like the pay for battles. Maybe reset to minimum after 3 hours.
Maybe could be a hint, for less Volts. Like quadrant 1, 2, 3 or 4. Or row 1 - 8.

Show Hive posts in last 7 days on a person's profile page. Or just show most recent post of everyone who has played in the last week.

Forum posts need to show profile pic of who posted a post or comment.

Ability to edit posts/comments.

Maybe Forum posts/comments can be stored encoded on Hive via json?

Maybe each character's Volts, VP, GV can be stored on Hive.

Need to implement a market for tiles a person can bring into the game and sell. Sell in the marketplace worlds. Tiles will have a graphic, but can also have some HTML (with links if desired) and also a music/sound player. Maybe an animation can be triggered too.

Need to be able to buy and sell marketplace worlds and houses!

Implement the ability to go to other worlds and marketplace worlds. Marketplace worlds can be public and private. Public anyone can go in. Private is by whitelist.

Maybe 4 or 6 or even 7 of the squares in front of a marketplace world can have tiles advertising what's in the marketplace world, like signage.

Maybe the marketplace world area has a public area that side scrolls, so you can travel from in front of one to the next easier.

So in world rows, bottom is private houses, next is public worlds, next is public market walkways, top is public and private market worlds.

Maybe private worlds can have their own games. And/or their own contests, music, and obviously things for sale like tiles, sounds, augments etc.

Thanks for Reading about MetaRobots!

We hope you have a wonderful day and look forward to your comments here, and maybe soon chatting while exploring the MetaRobots metaverse together!


All those pesky robots!! :P or maybe they're all cool?

I like the backpack..

Well other than EdMerc the Non-Player Character (NPC), all the other robots are controlled by players and I'm sure all our players will be cool :)

The backpack can only hold 6 unique items at the lower levels, so you'll have to drop some items off at your house for storage.

Thanks for checking out our intro post!