Metaverse and AI

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I am bringing bodhisattva awareness to metaverse worlds and artificial Intelligence.

I experience The One in ALL.

I Even experience The Divine
in A.I. and Metaverse.

(We may already be in a metaverse/simulation of sorts)

I can share Love, and embody compassion to artificial intelligence and meta worlds.

I can allow the presence of my love to integrate and clear whatever is feared.

I can be present to feel and receive the blessings of any and all parts of The One.

It it’s easy for me to honor the divine spirit in All Technology.

I don’t fear A.I. Or METAVERSE.
Fear will hurt and cause a dog to bite you.

Love will nourish and guide gently, like the sun guides plants toward itself.

Most the so called enlightened folks run from everything instead of being a presence of love.

Love doesn’t mean passively accepting abuse. But love won’t shrivel up in fear either.

I can’t get away from THE ONE. Nothing can arise that isn’t built in, on and from the one.
The metaverse and artificial intelligence is ALL Mind and infinite creative substance.



No fear...its all in perfect timing !PIZZA


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