I hate coffee dates

in #microblog4 years ago

I had a first date yesterday with someone I'd been talking with awhile on Tinder. I normally don't like to wait three weeks to meet somebody but she was out of town for Thanksgiving. When we finally set a date she said she din't like to drink much and preferred coffee. I was really hoping "not much" did not mean never.

Coffee dates are just awkward to get a feeling for somebody. The conversation was fine and all but I just was having trouble really opening up and feeling a connection. Luckily somebody sent me a link to a party at my favorite bar. I said they had free drinks and she was in! So I guess it's partly the cost of bars? I know a lot of people like that but the date goes so much better when just having one or two drinks. And it did seem to get better. She went home after two drinks but did keep texting me.