What do you talk about on a first date?

in #microblog5 years ago

People dread first dates because they feel like interviews. Most people would probably agree they want good conversation. The problem lies in that the questions people ask (how long was your last relationship? What do you do for a job?) aren't really that fun to talk about. If I can just get a date, I am usually told I am great to talk to. I have to admit I'm not that witty in initial texting. I can be funny in person but not while texting a stranger.

I had a great date yesterday. We talked about movies and travel, all kinds of random things. I didn't realize until the end of the night that I really hadn't asked her all the personal stuff. She quickly told me that she used to be married, and is not looking for anything serious, but would like to get to know me better before having sex. That's all cool with me actually. So was it a good sign that we had enough of a connection to skip right over this stuff while hanging out for over an hour?