Inventing the Yellow Bicycle

in #midjourney2 years ago

Leaving behind portrait and landscape painting practice on Midjourney, I decided to take on a real engineering job - the invention of the bicycle.
At first, the task looked simple. But no, no. At best, these were neatly crafted details.

And suddenly it turned out something similar to the concept!

I tried to develop the idea, again and again creating technical fantasies based on the third variant.

But it turned out not fantasies, but phantasmagoria, a real nightmare for a cyclist.

Can this unit drive? Can these wheels spin? Let's start with the fact that they are absolutely NOT ROUND!

And suddenly something came out that looked like something... in a word, something that aroused not horror, but interest.

We need to look at this better, in detail! What if it starts up and drives by itself?

But no, again empty dreams. It's just a pile of washed-up scrap metal with flat tires.

Well, at least I got some practice in making a graphic novel. Yes, I understand that this novel is far from perfect. What bikes, such novels, sorry...

See you again!


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