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RE: Like milk, but different

in #milkandtaterslast year

@socalsteemit, @freewritehouse and @mariannewest are great examples of keeping on in the face of evil doers doing evil. Freewritehouse in particular is much stronger now and will not be defeated.

I'm trying to get the bigs to support this effort, but even if they don't, all of us little guys will stay strong and come out the other side.

Any ideas you have to help us, @abh12345, will be so gratefully appreciated.


I've thought a fair bit about steembasicincome and the pro's and cons, and I really don't have a strong opinion either way.

I've 'purchased' a fair amount of shares for myself/others in the past but as with the change of opinion (although some of us never really changed our view) on buying votes / bidbots, this is essentially what is happening when you buy an SBI share.

I understand some people/communities have invested a large amount into SBI, and it is a shame to see those that are doing good on the end of downvotes, but the landscape is forever changing....