A Strange but Useful Take on Zeno’s Dichotomy Paradox...

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Hi, dear friends!

In the path to success, how much is enough? That is a question that a lot of entrepreneurs and dreamers ask themselves.

The steps that we will have to take, the failures that we will have to bear, the struggle that we will have to make, and the sum of our consistency and resilience needs to be infinite.

Why? Because the path to success is an infinity. It never ceases to end, nor does it ever stop from evolving.

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Let me make my case by talking about Zeno’s dichotomy paradox.

As you well know, Zeno of Elea was a Greek philosopher who is famous for his conceived paradoxes and problems.

The dichotomy of paradox indicates that motion is pointless and distance is always infinite.

Imagine that you want to get from point A to point B by walking. In order to do that, you first need to pace half of the distance.

When you reach point B (half) you then have to pace another half and reach point C. This goes on and on and each point takes a small amount of time.

Then, logically, you should never be able to reach the destination, because the distance is infinite.

Whatever progress you make, there is always a distance remaining and you need to pace half of it first.

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The problem of this paradox is that you eventually reach point B. For instance, when you want to get to the bus station from your home, you have a destination.

It takes half an hour to reach there and you eventually manage to arrive at the bus station. Then, why do we say the distance is infinite?

You can always divide a distance to an infinity, because the numbers are infinite, but the fact that you reach the destination is always a nonnegotiable truth.

A lot of people think that this is a logical and mathematical error, but I want to have a different take on it.

Assume that you are standing on the starting point of a path with the ultimate destination of success.

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The failures and challenges you will face in order to reach the destination are infinite. There is always more challenges and more difficulties and more failures to master.

But eventually, you ARE going to reach the destination, even if the path seems infinitely complex and long.

Adapt the paradox of dichotomy to realize the importance of resilience when it comes to positive mindsets towards success.

Trust me… we are all going to reach the destination, one way or another. We just have to stay in the path long enough for that to happen!



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This is also an argument to never stop moving. If your next step is always smaller than your previous one, you will never stop moving. Even if the motions are so small as to be imperceivable you are still moving and working towards whatever goal you have set.

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Thanks for this approach, I really like it

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This is a massive approach to change every life

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It is all about the journey anyway, not the destination! Enjoy the experience and learn!

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toda meta tiene sus por menores nos encontraremos con alegrías en un camino y con tristezas y decepciones pero todo éxito tiene que tener su motivación nuestro ser tiene que ser fuerte y persistente audaz y precavido pero siempre mantenernos firmes en la lucha y no perder el objetivo o logro siempre enfocarse que si es posible y lo lograras tarde o temprano.

Thanks for this approach... It is really a mind opener.

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again thankyou so much for posting these , steemians truely should if not already do idolize you, just saying your posts are good bro keep up great work

always believe in your own perfection

thanks again
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Thanks for the post.

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