The Higher Calling and the Resistance of Self-Sabotage...

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Hi, dear friends!

In between monotonous and mundane sequences of daily life, there are shining moments that give us a higher calling.

There are few things as important as the truth of higher calling in life and that is why I have decided to talk about it in depth bellow.

Truth be told, there are few things as important, at least to me, as the subjects that I know to be of utmost urgency in life… this is one of those concepts!

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You have all experienced this before. When you hear a motivational quote or understand a significant concept, you feel overwhelmed by the sheer possibilities of your existence.

You may even feel guilt or shame for neglecting your true value for so long. The result is always the same: A moment of higher calling!

A moment that compels you to reevaluate your life decisions and think about ways you can improve the general state of your well-being, both socially and personally.

You think about all the mistakes and wrong habits that you have developed over the years.

You think about all the toxic relationships and things that have slowed you down.

This moment of higher calling lasts for merely two or three hours…

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… and then, we are back again at where we started! You do not embrace any significant or reliable change.

You keep going down the same dark path that you have always wanted to avoid, but never had the strength to do so.

The reason behind this is another concept that is generally known as resistance of self-sabotage.
Out of fear or doubt, we tend to do things that deliberately sabotage our personality and our future.

Out of desire and basic needs, we tend to do things that bring shame to our identity and our image of ideal-self.

We covet things that are not in our best interest, because we are actively avoiding the path of righteousness; the path that we have always believed in, but never had the courage to actually walk.

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Nietzsche is attributed with a quote in this regard, claiming that people fear the sound of their higher self, because when it speaks, it speaks demandingly.

This means that the path towards self-betterment and improvement requires you to put in a tremendous amount of effort. That is why you resist it.

It is so much easier to just get on with your life the way your basic urges or self-sabotaging thoughts lead you, but to become mindful and improve requires work and dedication.

Tell me, friends, what will you decide?

What path will you ultimately walk in the journey of your life?



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todo gran logro o recompensa a merita mucho sacrificio y dedicación nos coloca en una dirección que parece muchas veces que nos lleva por un abismo pero solo al tiempo entenderemos que lo que sacrificamos nos dio un fruto muy grato una gran recompensa o un trofeo como pocos una fuente inagotable satisfacción y orgullo.

… and then, we are back again at where we started! You do not embrace any significant or reliable change.

Yes of course. We all have this little child in us, that has learned living in a dangerous würld. First of all we search security! If there is no security in my soul, i am not able to change my life. So first of all we suffer from the lack of selflove. There are so many unconscious programms in our soul from our childhood that make us react in a certain way... We have to find out these programms and live our own life. At that point we can change our lives... Thank you @chbartist for your words and greetings from Germany Kadna

I want to have some great inspiration like you to write great content!

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It is never a straight line towards success but the importance of being resilience against the retractors that keep us away of the path is what helps us learn and adapt to achieve our goals.

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Thanks for the motivation. Usually I face that many times. However, his can I operate only in the higher callings?

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This such a great and inspiring post. Almost as if to put one in that state of higher calling

Hello @chbartist, the things that we don't want for our life are the things that we constantly bring into our mind, and therefore one processes it as a desire, well says a saying "Be careful what you wish for"....

Hola @chbartist, las cosas que no queremos para nuestra vida son las que traemos constantemente a nuestra mente, y por ende uno mismo lo procesa como un deseo, bien reza un dicho “Ten cuidado con lo que deseas”…

A pocas personas se les educa con ciertas reglas, exigencias y orientaciones para sacar lo mejor de sí mismos, y aparte de trabajar en función de su éxito también comprenden a temprana edad que pueden usar el potencial de los demás para impulsarse, potencial que en su mayoría las personas desconocen de sí mismos… gracias @chbartist por compartir este Post.

Few people are educated with certain rules, demands and orientations to get the best out of themselves, and apart from working based on their success they also understand at an early age that they can use the potential of others to boost themselves, a potential that most people don't know about themselves... thank you @chbartist for sharing this Post.

Thank you for this post. Beautifully written. You expressed the essence of many things in here of which I could not myself conceptualize and put into words.

Keep on shining your light :)

"The time to face denial is right now, this very day. Don't expect a crisis. It will be too late...
Richard Tedlow, author. Negation (Denial)

Hello @chbartist. ultimo post-.jpg

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The reason behind this is another concept that is generally known as resistance of self-sabotage.
Out of fear or doubt, we tend to do things that deliberately sabotage our personality and our future.

Once you get over the fear which is illusionary the actual event is never as bad as we think it will be.

We are programmed to resist the unknown and it's that that keeps us from reaching our full potential.

Amazing choice of pictures by the way!

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un fruto muy grato una gran recompensa o un trofeo como pocos una fuente inagotable de satisfacción y orgullo.

Hi @chbartist, great post. It is so inspiring and brings be to some self reflection. That attributed quote to Nietzsche was got me really engaged. We fear the demands of our higher self. I never considered that my self-sabotage could come from me fearing not to be able to match my expectations.

What I miss from the post is an actionable next step. Where can we get started?

incredible this view :)

I normally go back to the old me. It demands sacrifice and dedication which I don't really have. Might need some help with that.

Thanks for the post.

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