The Sputnik Moment and the Reality of Compensation for Unwariness…

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Hi, Steemians!

A lot of you might be familiar with the concept of the Sputnik Moment, but learning from history has never been something that I could turn down or say no to.

History teaches us many valuable lessons, the most important of which is that history repeats itself, unless we are willing to become mindful of what has happened before and what should never happen again.

This is the story of how man’s reach exceeds his grasp.

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It all started in the year 1957, when the Soviet Union launched the first ever artificial satellite to space.

Americans were worried. The population was frightened by the new frontier conquered by the Russians.

They realized several flaws in their education system and sought to amend their way of approaching science and technology.

Eventually, in an era of space race, the Americans managed to catch up with the Soviet Union and launch several satellites to the orbit.

The defining moment of this race was when Apollo 11 landed on the moon in 1969.

This phenomenon that the American people experienced came to be known as the Sputnik Moment.

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A sputnik moment is essentially when you feel threatened or overwhelmed by an external force and decide to act and ensure your safety.

For instance, our generation of youth will eventually face a moment when they feel overwhelmed by the sheer force of obligations in life.

They haven’t made any progress and they need to catch up.

This is a sputnik moment for them; a moment when you feel threatened and need to actually do something about it.

This is a tragic truth about a lot of us; so long as we feel safe within the boundaries of our comfort zone, we can never strive to reach our full potential.

Man’s reach exceeds his grasp, but most of us haven’t realized this yet, so our reach guilts our potential into hiding.

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It is a shame that most of us are in need of something like that in order to wake up and do the things that we were always meant to do.

It is as if we need to feel threatened to realize the importance of our time and the potential that is going to waste with the passage of every moment of every hour of every day.

The Sputnik Moment wasn’t just a historical lesson or a bed-time story for aspiring dreamers. It is the story of us all. It is the history of mankind on this Earth...

And ultimately, it goes to show that we have yet to go a long way before we can truly realize the value and the importance of this existence and life!



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Interesting publication, which makes us reflect, because as young people we focus on enjoying today and now, ignoring what really matters. It is time to go out, explore, know the world, fall in the attempt, get up and at the same time learn from it because it is what will make us stronger, capable and reasonable.

Hola @chbartist quizás esa es nuestra naturaleza, y por eso dando un paseo por la historia nos encontramos que así lograban sacar lo mejor de las personas, por ejemplo, los mejores guerreros de la historia fueron entrenados bajo una amenaza latente. Eso no quiere decir que no haya un método contrario para encontrar esas capacidades dentro de nosotros, pero hasta entonces habrá que seguir en la vieja escuela…

Hello @chbartist maybe that is our nature, and that's why taking a walk through history we found that they managed to get the best out of people, for example, the best warriors in history were trained under a latent threat. That does not mean that there is no opposite method to find those capabilities within us, but until then we will have to continue in the old school...

It shows how we ourselves put limitations on our capabilities as individuals to achieve success and things that seem out of reach. We are capable of virtually anything but the first step is believing and never becoming complacent!

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Awesome write up. I now see the need to step out and expire the world and get to know what really is important to life. Thanks for sharing

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Hello @chbartist very important to take into account the facts of history as these are not repeated, even so the mistakes made by others should teach us to be responsible and cautious not to repeat them.

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I hope it's really not too late for everyone to appreciate the things that really matter.