What People Get Wrong About the Growth Mindset and its Impact!

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Hello, dear friends!

People have unrealistic expectations when it comes to working hard and getting rewarded for your efforts.

That is why most of the people you meet on a daily basis are relatively opposed to the growth mindset; the idea that you can work on yourself to improve and realize your dreams in the long-term.

The idea that you can utilize certain methods and embrace peculiar concepts to help you fight off the storm of negativity and work in a way that rewards your endeavors.

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This is mainly because the truth of the growth mindset has been undermined by the sheer pressure of living in the modern society.

The definition of success is blurred.

Most people think that if they embrace the growth mindset, they are going to become the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

Since that is hardly the case, most get disappointed and forsake the pursuit.

But what do they use as a substitute for this growth mindset?

They drown in an unmindful ocean of their worst impulses, ultimately forsaking the hope of a better future.

Well, the truth is obvious. If you work hard, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to become the next Steve Jobs.

That is not the point of the growth mindset.

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Our conscience determines a great deal about how we approach our life.

Even though fate and chance play a large part in the outcome of the events in our life, they should not be a factor for our mindset.

The growth mindset indicates that you will do everything within your power to improve on a daily basis.

The growth mindset promises success and achievement, but the degree of that accomplishment cannot be predicted or prophesized.

So, the truth is: We do everything within our power and hope for the best outcome. You may actually become the next Steve Jobs, but that is not the point.

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The point is that we should do everything to not leave things in the hands of fate or chance for as much as we can!

‘Do not allow chance to determine what is going to happen to your life!’

That is all there is to the growth mindset.

Without it, we are forever lost in the madness of this society.

Weaponize the growth mindset to see better days in your future life!



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Definitely needed to some across this post, as I am dealing with losing out on a job that seemed like an opportunity of a lifetime, I took 2 days to "sulk"- but in reality I can choose to sulk the rest of my life- or adopt a growth mindset approach and continue making the best choices I can each day- and not worry about things that are out of my control. Thanks for the share.

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Saludos @chbartist desde cierto punto de vista podemos decir que muchas personas creen que quieren crecer y tener éxito pero no es así, suena extraño pero muchas se engañan así mismas haciéndose creer que quieren tener éxito, pero el que en realidad quiere tenerlo trabaja en función del éxito, que trabaje duro o no es otra cosa…

Greetings @chbartist from a certain point of view we can say that many people believe they want to grow and succeed but not so, it sounds strange but many fool themselves by making themselves believe they want to succeed, but the one who actually wants to have it works on the basis of success, whether he works hard or not is something else ...

Siempre debemos ser optimistas y trabajar en lo que nos gusta

Great vision as we often destroy our motivations by compare ourselves and thinking "the grass is greener on the other side" but without realizing that underneath it all we control how we feel about our success and failures.

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This way of thinking is very productive and beneficial, we just have to turn this growth thought into a habit, since mostly and because of the way we have been educated and raised our thoughts tend to be pessimistic and contrary to our development as people obtaining habits and actions not very favorable to be successful.
I love that idea of ​​doing things the best we can, that necessarily has to have a good result in the medium and long term, thanks for your thoughts @chbartist.
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Definitely worth the read and something to ponder. On what growth is really meant. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the post.

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Increase is a MUST; Positive Change is a Necessity;.Progress Can't be denounced!!

Are are activated and sustained by Growth Mindset without which Life is reduced to be endured instead of to be enjoyed!!