Why is it Important to Change the Way You Think and Adopt a Positive Mindset? Part #1

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Hello, Steemians!

We are always talking about aspirational concepts and effective methods that can work your mindset around embracing the idea of a better future.

But we rarely talk about the importance of adopting that mindset and what it could mean for your life.

So, I have dedicated this blog post to slow down for a bit and think about why we are doing what we are doing in this community!

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It’s all about struggling with our mindset; we get stuck in our relationships, life decisions, and all the other dilemmas that come with them.

We have those colorful dreams, but we are hesitant about taking action, so we wait in the corner, biding our time and trying to figure out what’s best for us.

Eventually, we get frustrated and come to a halt.

Everyone has that burning desire to grow and prosper; thus, it behooves people to act and set new goals in their lives.

Wanting a better life and a more stable relationship is the kind of thing we all look forward to in our life, but getting stuck midway and trying to deal with our helplessness and frustrations is inevitable.

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Yet, it should not be a cause for concern, because all you need to get unstuck is having a better frame of mind! Yes, what we deem to call ‘mindset’ is actually quite helpful in this stage.

A positive mindset works like a toxic blade against all the negativity and frustration that you might encounter on your way to success.

It is patently false to think that the path to success is a straight line, and every failure in life provides a valuable experience that illuminates the path to victory.

‘You reap what you sow’, I am sure you have heard this proverb before.

One cannot achieve victory without failure. Sow failure, reap experience.

Remember these ancient words of wisdom:
‘The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.’

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With a little effort, we can gain a better understanding of our emotions, and use those emotions to our own advantage.

Shaping the frame of your mind can be challenging.

In order to embrace and adopt the form and shape of a positive mindset, you’ll need to unleash your inner power and lead it out of your comfort zone.

You must not let uncertainty and skepticism take hold of you. Keep in mind that you are doing this as much for yourself as for anyone else in your life that matters to you!

Eventually, by taking these steps, you are going to see that light at the end of the tunnel…



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Excellent article. In agreement with the author, I think that life is too short to stop to think too much about what we will do or will not do, what matters most is to enjoy the day to day, another wise proverb says that "each day brings its own desire", this in addition to what we do for ourselves and for others, whether it is to produce and bring out smiles, when we do something for the neighbor, feels double satisfaction in the soul.

Yes, we should learn to control our emotions, that will be our power.
Keep inspiring.

I fully agree with you. People should live every day and forget to think about tomorrow
Thinking about tomorrow drains the energies of people in addition to fear and anxiety
So Thank you for sharing with us this great article

Doing at least one good thing for other people triggers the happiness and helps motivating in positive things. Try it and be amazed.

Dear @chbartist, you have written this article wholeheartedly and covered most of the important factors which come handy whenever we have a urge to change our negative mindset towards positivity.

I personally get fascinated every time whenever I see an article flying around with topics like mindset, psychology, anxiety, depression, etc, etc.

Half the battle is won by just showing up! I think remaining present despite challenges is a key factor to gain respect and influence when the tides turn!

This is such an important subject! Changing our paradigms is so crucial to continued growth. Also, neuroplasticity has shown to continue even in an adult age.

Our publications are in sync today, we must voluntarily have positive habits to combat those attitudes that sabotage us. Otherwise, everything will be uphill and difficult.

Happy week @chbartist

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me encantan sus artículos de verdad son muy inspiradodores

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