Why is it Important to Change the Way You Think and Adopt a Positive Mindset? Part #2

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Hello again, dear friends!

The pathway to adopting a positive mindset is difficult for a lot of people to master. There is an underlying reason for that.

In our previous blog post, we talked about the essentiality of embracing a more positive attitude towards life.

About the relationship between failure, success, and the choices we have when it comes to success or failure.

In this blog post, I want to talk about the element that has been holding us down…

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You may have felt this; something is obviously holding us down. But what is it?

Our choices; from the easiest ones to the most difficult and complex!

We are afraid of making decisions without even realizing that deciding not to decide is a decision in itself!

We all have that irritating inner voice inside, saying unpleasant things to us from time to time.

But that voice is merely trying to weaken you by convincing you that you don’t have what it takes to do what you are doing, that you are but a failure or a liability.

This is where you don’t give chase, which is exactly when you must dump all these useless
voices and shut them away in the deepest, darkest hole and start pursuing your dreams.

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Our abilities are different, as are our personalities.

We all grow up with our dreams, but we must also be willing to chase those dreams, whether it is singing, dancing, writing or whatever passion we have burning inside of us as we grow up.

If we decide not to ignite the fire within, we will be bound to live the rest of our lives in isolation.

Now, you may say that the fuel is taken away from us. The road ahead is blocked.

But does that mean I should turn away from chasing my dreams and refuse to see what’s beyond the borders?

No, I’ll not give up. Either I find another way around or I will make one.

Do not let your dreams to remain dreams forever!

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Are you looking for permission?

Since when do we need permission to pursue our dreams?

I want you to make your hands into fists as you are reading this; now open your fists and look closely.

The permission you have been looking for is right there in your hands, do not let it fall into the wrong hands!

Maybe we are ready to welcome change in our life, but recognizing the starting point has made things a little difficult.

At the end of the day, you either embrace a positive mentality or succumb to the gathering darkness of the cynical world outside.

Which mindset can help you out the most in your times of need?

Well, from now on, the decision is yours!



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Hello @chbartist I'm very small but I think that people should start again from within themselves to look for what they really like, because when children practically forbid them to sound with their dreams, when I believe something they just try to verify it myself, but I've seen how colleagues say to them, have silence, and I have been told that this is how they treated most in the past, well we will have to look there where those dreams left off...

Hola @chbartist soy muy pequeña pero creo que las personas deben comenzar de nuevo desde dentro de sí mismo para buscar lo que en realidad les gusta, ya que cuando niños prácticamente les prohibieron sonar con sus sueños, cuando yo creo algo simplemente tratan de que lo verifique yo misma, pero he visto como a compañeros les dicen, has silencio, y me han dicho que así trataron a la mayoría en el pasado, bueno habrá que buscar allá donde quedaron esos sueños…

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Many avoid decision due to fear of failure when we should welcome failure as it provides the best learning experiences as long as they are measured appropriately! That is the only way we can adapt and learn to create better opportunities in the future!

the changes in our lives will always be an active struggle in our daily lives, a new beginning implies an effort that we must be prepared to achieve our dreams, each dawn with the light of day means a new beginning of learning ... do not stop chase your dreams and keep going.

Thank you so much for this powerful publication.

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Life is a continuous struggle. It takes constant efforts to overcome our problems and getting success. The people, who are determined to get success, must have a positive attitude. Characteristics like Determination, toughness and capacity building cannot be achieved without positive thinking.

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That's true, everything lies in our hand. I have learnt a lesson that one should never rely on other person for their needs to be fulfilled. In order to fulfill our needs we should take steps by our own only.
Keep inspiring.

Totalmente de acuerdo, lo que si es que el ser himano debe tener metas, sueños por los cuales luchar, sin ellos no tiene vida, se estanca y mientras se tenga la firme creencia de que lo puedes lograr aunque el mundo este en contra pues ten por seguro que nadie absolutamente nadie te podra detener....

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