Why is it Important to Stand Up Against Bullying?

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Hello, dear Steemians!

Why do some people feel inclined to inflict pain on other people and hurt them, both emotionally and physically?

We may never find a fulfilling answer to that question, but we cannot deny its occurrence altogether.

Bullying is a common of type of this inclination in today’s society. It is essential to stand up to bullying whenever and wherever it occurs.

In today’s blog post, we are going to talk about the range of bullying that happens in our society.

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Unfortunately, there are still many things that are secretly taboos in our society, which means that we cannot really talk about them with openness and honesty.

Bullying is one of those things. Whether you have ever been a subject of bullying or have wrongfully hurt other people with no reasonable cause, then you need to reflect on the matter.

There are even some people who have not had a close experience with bullying, and they wonder why they should care.

But despite the category you fall in, there is a truth that needs to be spoken: Most people do not understand that anyone can be bullied.

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Some people are under the impression that when we talk about bullying, we are talking about the insolence and arrogance that happens between a bunch of schoolkids.

The truth is that bullying can happen anywhere and to anyone. Some people bully their employees, by giving them less respect and appreciation than they deserve.

Some people bully other people for their ethnicity or religion, and make a mockery out of their background.

Some people might bully you simply because they can, taking advantage of their position with no reason or prejudice whatsoever.

All of these cases are a simple indication: the victory of injustice!

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At first, when you started reading this blog post, you might have had your doubts about whether it was appropriate to talk about this subject matter here.

To some of you, its relevance might have been questionable.

But maybe now, you understand. If you are a person in search of a higher purpose or something greater than yourself, then you need to seek justice whenever you can.

Most people who are being bullied are not in a position to fight back. That is why it is important to give emotional and practical support to these people, in whatever way we possibly can.

But first, it is important to be able to ‘identify’ injustice and recognize that someone is being bullied.

Standing up for a colleague or someone you know who is being bullied might cost you something, but in the end, it will be worth it.

Why? Because it may very well be the only good fight there is.

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Fight injustice wherever you see it. When someone is being bullied by another person, it is an obligation to help them and ride out the storm of hatred.

With so much going on in the world, it wouldn’t hurt to be kinder to one another.

Some people accidentally hurt those who are close to them, so bringing mindfulness to our own words and actions can also help in this matter.

After all, we are only human and each and every one of us is predisposed to make mistakes.



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Thanks for touching on this subject. I greatly believe we need to talk more regarding this issue. We need more talks.

Yes it doesn't cost us anything to respect others. In fact this type of attitude affects our image in the end to others.

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I think it is a great subject to talk about as it has the potential to impact us all or those around us! Only if we can live well among ourselves will we be able to have more sustainable success and peace.

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If you let the other person bullying they will always disrespect you and they will always do that into the rest of your life

@chbartist We need to do something or change our thinking if it is not in our control but we really need to do something if we feel bullied!!! @chbartist Such a nice and informative post!!!! Love to go through such posts especially if it is yours!!!. Really interesting!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!!
Wish you luck =)
Keep going✌

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I suffered of bullying during my childhood. As a very sensitive person, it has had a lot of consequences in recent years, and even today some of my actions still have links to my harassment. I was suffered of social phobic after these events, i hated myself so much, all my self-esteem was destroyed by these kids.
Today i have learned to love myself, but I always had social difficulties, some stress when i am in public.
The most unfair is to think that they had no punishment, and they have all forgotten the year after. This was just a game for them, when it has finished, they didn't care anymore. While me, I had to do a psychological reconstruction for years.

I think children are misunderstood; they are not as innocent as we think they are. They have natural reflexes and mechanism, like the group strategy. In the case of a bullying, there is often an alpha who builds self-esteem by crushing others. Maybe it has a connection to what he's experiencing at home. The others, wanting to please the most popular, and above all, being afraid to find himself in the place of the harassed, participates in the game. And it's a real vicious circle.

I think we should organize empathy classes at school. Teach children to respect each other, to accept and understand each other's differences. As a very empathetic person, I often feel out of touch with others. I find very few people who really have empathy. This is a huge gap in our society, yet an extremely vital element, that could prevent many conflicts.

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how about "State bullying"? it happens when a country's government have the believe that they have to "set order" on other countries, like they feel they have the "right" and/or the "obligation" to go somewhere and tell them what to do, who their president should be, what lifestyle they should have. It happens too

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I think this issue has become a sad reality around the world, but since we know it exists, we can contribute positively, as you say @chbartist to start with ourselves, to start with small actions, with our way of thinking in front of others. To learn to love ourselves, to respect ourselves, to love God, therefore we will love our neighbor. Good topic for reflection.

Thanks for the post.