My Kickstarter is LIVE!

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My kickstarter went live at 12 cet today, and so far it has gone well i am around a third of the way before we can start unlocking the first stretchgoal
I am beginning to believe that it might get funded :-)

To celebrate the progress so far i will show you all a few of my testprints. the first one is on thingiverse so you can go check him out and do a testprint if you have a 3d printer

fingers crossed that when i wake up tomorrow we are even closer to fulfillment

Evil Hippie


Hey there. Just pledged $50 under the name of anastasia. You're already almost there! Good luck.

Awesome Thanks! Yes i believe i might just pull through on this one :-)

Are you the brother making lost wax silver medallions?

:-) yeah that would be me

I'm in line for one of those gorgeous things. Compulsive creative looks good on you.

Yeah i am looking forward to getting those done. :-)thnaks, I think the compulsive creative thing is a hereditary trait. It seems to run in the family

Those look really cool. I can't say I am into that sort of gaming, but I like that you have male and female characters. I hope it's successful.


Thanks. It looks promising, so far i am hopeful. Yeah I wanted to sculpt both male and females. both because it makes sense to give more people something to relate to, but actually mostly because it broadens the creative scope, and its fun to have more options as a sculptor

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