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RE: “How To” and PALCoin with Keychain and

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Am I just incompetent (granted, quite likely), or is incompatible with iOS mobile devices? I use an iPhone and an iPad, had no luck doing anything more than logging in using either Safari or Chrome. My wallet looks like this:

If I hold my finger down by SWEET and DRAMA and pull down, I can see the MY TOKEN WALLET area, but as soon as I let go it rolls back up. Anyone else having this problem?

Edited to add: Duh, I figured it out. Clicking that grey box with the horizontal lines minimizes the black area.


I know that getting a mobile app for steem-engine is a top priority, but afaik it hasn't happened yet. You may fare better by either using a different browser or using the "request desktop site" function.

using the "request desktop site" function.

From iPhone/iPad, I don’t even see that option. 😅

I’ve got an antique Windows 7 laptop collecting dust that I haven’t used for ages. Might have to see if it’ll still boot up and try that way.

I'm not familiar with Safari, so it may not have the option, but I know both Firefox and Chrome have it on my Android phone.

I think it’s probably an iOS issue rather than a browser issue since neither Safari nor Chrome worked for me. Haven’t tried Firefox yet though.