It's so cruel that people still choose to crop their pet's ears simply for a vain aesthetic... tsk tsk

I would crop my owners head, before he could touch my ears trying to crop them! 😈
But i have a good owner. He won't do those kind of things 😸

I love birds do you. Check my post if you like my post please vote follow me @mrashid. Thanks for time @alabasterraven.

Squirrel? what is minnowsupport

No, no, it's a rabbit

lol! White squirrel

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Looks just fine to me! Totally not a squirrel!

What is the name of the rabbit una coneja

Lol...rabbit it is

Rabbit, this is!

Very good photo! and thank you for voting for my Great Great Grandfather post. You know ...there was information passed down in my family that his wife, my Great Great Grandmother became crazy and had to be locked up in a room. That may be why he is so disturbed looking. Also it is hard to see but he is holding his hat you cant see it clear unless you know it is there in his right hand.

I love rabbits!

Tnx bacchist

it's a long eared guinea pig as they're known in Queensland ;)

Great post!

Dat not a wabbit, dat a squirl.

She is beautiful . thank you for this post , it,s lovely post .

This shit is hilarious!!!!

Gracias por tu voto.

That Rabbit Looks Squirly Dawg!!!! 🐩🐩🐩


I too have rabbit at my home. It is my fav pet.

Gracias por tu voto.

What is his name?

That's a "squabbit!!!""🐹🐰

Cute! nice to meet you.

wow, cool. like this post

Isn't that one of those thier flying rabbits?

So cute 😘

its really beautifull ok i voted you
wellcome to my bolg @farhannaqvi7 :) always be happy

Likewise dear rabbits are nice creatures made by God ... We used to rear some at home until some thieves stole them all and the Sadest part was they killed some leaving them restlessly on the floor And their cages it was soo sad ...

Is this a rabbit..ha ha it !! upvode!! following you....

Never seen a white squirrel, thanks for sharing.

Thanks dear for voting my post
I followed you and voted for yor votes

nice pic... i really like it cuteness

What a squirrely rabbit! Very cute!

Uh... I think that's my mom? Did she ask you for money?

Looks like mouse!! Lol

Cute animal,but thats not a rabbit.Its a squirrel.

This ... is cute!

lol this is rabbit???

it's Rabit :) Where are you from Rabbit? our rabbits are not like you :)))

cool rabbit. its rare to see a rabbit with its natural tail, too! ROFL-copter, @baden, ROFL-copter.

i love rabbit too

very nice Squirrel

lol,I saw a so black squirrel in northeast of China,and puzzled for its Ultra black fur.we agreed that It was blackened by the black coal that burned in the winter。😅。

Very sweet))

nice photography

Beautiful rabbit. Love it

I found a rabbit like this behind a New Jersey Gas station. Blahahahahah

Is this a rabbit or a squirrel?

Very cute rabbit.

Это белка, не кролик.

Can you chat English plz? I can't understand you.

This is squirrel, not rabbit

Mhhh if that is a rabbit . . . 😗

Then I am a LION! 😤

Can we get an analysis of the DNA ?

This is actually a squirrel. They have a lineage, and they can be found in the mountains of western north Carolina, particularly in the Etowah/Horseshoe region. I worked there for a brief period and remember seeing them around trees as I drove through the countryside to get to my destination.

Hey @baden, nice post! I like your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Congratulations :)

Tree Rat, LOL!

jajaja que bonito conejo