STEEM QUEST #1: Flag-A-Whale MMORPG - Damage Payout Estimates! ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ

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$23,679.00 estimated rewards recovered since the brave warriors have taken their stand against the Cave Troll!

Together, we have demonstrated the might of the righteous flags of many. Take heed, cave trolls and other malevolent creatures, for the forces of good shall prevail in the land of Gondor.


  • New function added to our healer bot.
  • Healing ranks work in progress
  • Siege ranks to follow

Top 100 Damagers

DownvoterTotal Reward SharesEstimated Damage

Consider delegating to @hendrix22 to support. It may be done easily on this link:

Also, you may sign up to our curation trail using SteemAuto:

Flag-a-Whale Curation Trail


It's Game Time


Additional Image Source

Special thanks to @emrebeyler for contributing the function that was integrated to calculate estimated payouts with given rshare values.

Learn more about that function and more here

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Keep it up!
If we as a collective manifest against the powerful, the abusers.. and let them know we are united... all with our small powers, towards a goal, we will achieve what it needs to be achieved and we will united get things done!

Keep knowing yourself and others, keep united!, division is not part of our evolution!


Damn all the big dogs have got together which is great news i wish you all the best i don't think i would be very helpful in your efforts though lol...


Yes, it is reassuring but there is way more abuse on the platform that needs to be addressed. Haejin is only the beginning. There will be more quests to come.

There are ways you can help. We need as much support as the community can muster. Other ways you can help are as follows:

  • Promoting the @flagawhale movement to others
  • Upvotes and resteems (a given I know)
  • Developers (Web, Steemconnect, mobile, and database to name a few. We need as many disciplines as possible.)

Thanks for the comment and support!

Great stuff, i will do a promotional post and re-steem from now on and thanks @flagawhale

This is an emergency get as much steempower as you can and downvote haejin the troll get stronger every day

This is the best thing I have ever resteemed.

This is such excellent news, never been happier to resteem!!

Can we turn this into a app? Flag-a-whale ! That's gonna be the next flappy bird

Yes, our R&D team is hard at work on the app. We are working in setting up microtransactions for rare Haejin memes. Gotta catch em all! :P

No, but in all seriousness, we don't have anything yet except for this.

What we really need is more developers. Having a hard time trying to figure out too much on my own with a full time job and family stuff. Thankfully will be free most this weekend so can get some progress with the Python scripts for more regular updates so that's good.

Overall, the processes need more decentralization!


Notice the 0/0 atk/def , useless .Like this TA`


Do you have a template for this you can share? I would like to make a flagawhale card.

Hahahahahaha ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

excellent work. talking about abuse, i updated on a trending spam going on in steemit. we all should be united against spam and abuse here. keep such coming

Great! This reemphasises the decentralisation in the word DECENTRALISATION! Good stuff! Steem is clearly protected and far from the abusive touch of the influential!
STEEM forever!!


Wow. Now i know you exist. Thats something. :D

Now i know you exist.

Whew. Existential crisis averted. Thanks. I wasn't sure if I was just a figment of my own imagination. As Descarte would said, "Cogito ergo sum" but, in my case, I flag therefore I am. :P

No, but seriously, appreciate the support. I see you are a up and coming MSP musician. We hope that the rewards we recover go to talented people like you that Steem will grow. :)

Oh my. Didnt expect a compliment but thanks. โค
If i ever become a whale you guys can flag me just one time for laughs. ๐Ÿ˜‚
But seriously.. Amazing initiative.

This is the thing I am really sick of in steemit. I have a feeling like content is secondary important, which this guy is the best example. Recently I came into nice profile with quite professional dogs picture @dogimage earning something around $1. While whale "photography" profiles submitting photos taken by phone earn ~ $150 to even not share with curation reward / voting only on themselves. I am in graphic design business so I am always courious about that. Do you think that it is possible to something with that?

Yes, if those "photography" posts are a result of reward manipulation, then they would be fair game as well.

Great news. thanks for sharing. good job

thanks for a good news...thanks for sharing your post.....

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hello my friend ask for help.promosi I may