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The Hive Engine team is delighted to announce the release of the brand new Hive Engine Mobile Classic application for both iPhones and Android devices. We would also like to use this medium to apologise for the multiple bugs on the initial versions ( ios and android ) released about 14 months ago.

We had to pause mobile development while prioritising other core projects leading to a lot of failed and stalled operations.
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However, we are confident to inform you that this current version is worth the wait and promises to make your use of the Hive Engine Sidechain more effective. It has been a great delight to bring the Hive Engine Experience to mobile devices so you can leverage the functionalities of your favourite one-stop Hive Smart Contract Platform.

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What's New?

The newly released version has a couple of new features such as Staking, Delegating and Transfers:

  • Stake and Unstake Tokens
  • Delegate and Remove Delegation
  • Deposit Tokens

Internal Testing

What's Next?

While we expect to get some feedback from our community and deploy fixes and UI updates on that basic, we already have the following in the works on our coming release.

  1. Add metrics to market screen
    2 Depth and CandleStick charts
  2. Integrate Hive Authentication System fully to link Hive Keychain (Mobile).

These are a priority among others on our roadmap.

  • Biometric Authentication
  • Implement more contracts on the mobile interface.
  • NFTs Marketplace and stores
  • Implement rewards and claim-drops

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Are You Interested in Testing?

Given the fact that this is a first major release in a while, we'd appreciate your feedback. If you catch anything unusual kindly leave us a message on our discord channel

These are a few updates among others. We will be bringing you more exciting news in the coming weeks, if you have any question regarding Hive Engine in general, feel free to leave a comment below or Hop into our discord channel.


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